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Android Developer

Funda Real Estate B.V.
🏒 Funda Real Estate B.V. πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Amsterdam, Netherlands πŸ•‘ November 01

This job offer is expired

You like sweets, be it ice cream sandwich, marshmallow, Oreo or Pie. And yes, you do use the Google voice assistant to find your dream house at funda. In other words, you are a Google fanboy. Kudos! You just found the best Android job on the nets.

As an Android Developer, you have the important task of optimising our Android services. This will make you play a crucial role within the company 3 out of 4 visitors on funda are searching on a mobile device. And yes, you’re the type of person who wants to keep up with this rapidly evolving world. According to your new colleague Rajat, one of the many cool aspects of working at funda involves learning a new technical skill each year. 'It’s quite exceptional.'

You test the latest innovations and collaborate closely with all our development teams. With the Scrum methodology, you’re involved not only in the development, but also in Code Reviews, Pair Programming and Testing of apps, APIs. There’s plenty of room for new ideas, experimenting, trial & error, and learning on the spot.

Yes, the Android app is your baby. You have responsibility for its development and maintenance. In addition, you support the rest of the Mobile Team with the development of other apps. You get a sneak peek in of the development of iOs and the API that fuels the apps. That is, according to Rajat, unique. 'It’s really one of the perks and something you don’t see often at other companies. It makes your job challenging, like it’s almost full stack.'


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