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Lead Mobile Developer

🏢 Spikeball, Inc 🌎 Remote 🕑 April 07

This job offer is expired

Why work for Spikeball: 

  • Autonomy.  You are a driven, highly motivated person.  You don’t need someone constantly peering over your shoulder.  It’s up to you to determine how you will achieve your goals.  We’ll support you as much as you want.  We will get out of your way so you can do the brilliant things that we know you’re capable of.
  • Help create the next great American sport.  
  • Even though we are nearly 10 years old, we are still in the early days.  Your efforts will directly impact the entire business.
  • Paid vacation policy of’ take as much time as necessary’ (work really really hard and relax often) .
  • Competitive compensation with the ability for merit increases after 18 months tenure.
  • Paid time off for Birthdays (You were born.. life isn't easy.. you deserve it! )
  • Time off during the day (Want to work out or hit a yoga class at lunch? Go for it!)
  • $500 desk and productivity allowance. (Get what you need to dress up your work space and be productive)
  • Macbook Air or Macbook Pro.
  • Flexible work environment. After 18 months tenure have the opportunity to live where you want and work remotely. (Assuming your position at the company is conducive to this work environment perk.)
  • $1,000 stipend after 18 months tenure for bucket list adventure travel.
  • Free registration to all tournaments run by Spikeball Inc.
  • $500 donation to the charity of your choice in your name at the end of each year
  • $500 yearly "continuous improvement stipend for employee education and learning opportunities
  • Extended Maternity and Paternity leave.

Lead Mobile Developer

We’re working to make the Spikeball App the company’s most valuable asset by 2020. We have a vision, and your job is to execute it with us.

The Lead Mobile Developer role is a new position here at Spikeball. Having outsourced our app development thus far, we’re looking to bring this baby in-house. Since we prefer to run lean, the position will be both a strategic member of our marketing squad while basically operating as an in-house development department of one. Don’t worry, we’ll have your back, but it’s the perfect job for a talented, ambitious developer who excels when given the autonomy to work on his/her terms.  

Main Responsibilities

We have an existing App, but the plan is to transition in-house beginning with re-working and re-building a new application from the ground up.

  1. Design, develop, test, troubleshoot, and de-bug the new and improved Spikeball App, start to finish. When it comes to our development team, you are it. We’ll assist in the planning and design phase, but won’t be much (any) help when it comes to coding. You’ll be responsible for translating our ideas into functional code. This is your wheelhouse - own it.
  2. Design and develop the mobile application backend, or research and advise on an existing platform to use.
  3. Continuously research, discover, preview, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

What does success look like?

Build a highly functional, intuitive, modern mobile application that serves as the backbone of our “play more” initiative. What drives app users and engagement? How can we get more players using the app? With your help, we’ll formulate answers to these questions and design a cutting edge app that provides our players with a killer platform to progress their game and community.

Who we’re looking for

  • 3-5 years demonstrable experience in mobile application development
  • Strong understanding of mobile application architecture end to end because frankly, none of us understand it :)
  • Familiarity with app store (iTunes/Play) deployment
  • You’re like a swiss army knife of coding skills – native, cross-platform, app, web. All aren’t required, but knowledge in a few is a plus.
  • Ability to communicate with a non-technical team. Gonna stress this again - We need your help! Together we’ll think through and design what we want this app to look like, but we’re relying on your skills to make it come to life. We’re all ears when it comes to what program and language you feel are best to get this built the proper way, so we’re not looking for one specific language credential.
  • We don’t know much about these technologies, but we hear they’re popular - Objective-C and Swift, Java and Kotlin, and design patterns such as MVVM, MVP, MVC.
  • You’re excited to work with TONS of autonomy
  • You think that the best way of doing it right is you doing it
  • Aren’t too familiar with a program or language? You jump at the opportunity to broaden your skillset


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