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Kotlin + Android Developer

🏢 stable/kernel 🇺🇸 Atlanta, GA, US 🕑 April 24

This job offer is expired

Stable Kernel is a developer-led company, focused on making good developers great.

Our company builds applications for other companies - ranging from Fortune 500s to well-funded startups. A key component that sets a Stable Kernel developer apart is they are actively involved in the impact a product has and the best way to deliver that impact. They are not just implementors, but collectively function as product managers.

CEO Joe Conway is the author of the iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide and spent his career training thousands of developers across the world - including Facebook and Apple. This training continues today at SK HQ in a number of ways.

What sets Stable Kernel developers apart

We take an active role in evaluating our client's problems and opportunities, planning and presenting a solution, and then implementing and delivering it. This allows developers to constantly challenge themselves with new problems and technologies. These projects might contain multiple components - from a simple application to a system consisting of HTTP APIs, databases, mobile and web applications. Our projects are most often brand new applications and systems we architect, which allows us to use the latest and greatest in languages, frameworks, and operating systems. Oh, and we really value automated testing.

A developer at Stable Kernel works on a 2-5 person team dedicated to a single project. A team consists of other developers, UX/UI designers, and project managers. A typical project takes anywhere from three months to a year. All work is done in our beautiful office in Atlanta, GA with walking access to the BeltLine. Because we believe teams work best when they are constantly collaborating, we do not have remote employees - but we do have a flexible work from home policy.

Learn more about what it's like to work at SK from one of our developers here.

When not working on client projects, we maintain a number of open source (e.g., https://aqueduct.io) and closed source libraries and tools. Developers are able to strike a balance between delivering applications and working on interesting libraries that enable our entire team to operate more effectively.

Interested? Here's what we are looking for:

  • 1-2 years experience using Kotlin
  • Higher-ordered functions
  • Design pattern agnostic
  • Strong communication skills 
  • An interest in consulting / working and communicating with clients

At SK, we are consultants and an extension of our client's team. We are looking for candidates who have strong communication skills and are interested or comfortable working with clients on a daily basis. We are not implementors, but product strategists, guiding our clients from the start of a project beyond the finish line. Our clients depend on our developers to make the best decision for their needs and being able to communicate efficiently. 

You should have a strong foundational understanding of the Android framework. The lifecycle hierarchy, relationships between Activities and Fragments, and Lifecycle Aware Components are all ideas you should be fluent in. Other libraries such as Dagger 2, Data Binding, Retrofit, and RxJava are required tools that we use every day. Additionally, a solid understanding of how HTTP APIs (REST) work is preferred.

You should be able to communicate the tradeoffs of architectural and design choices without involving ego. We require that all code we write is reviewed by another team member (through pull requests), so it is important to be able to both contribute to that process as well as learn from it.

Beyond technical skills, we are looking for a well-rounded candidate who is eager to be a team player and learn new skills beyond development. Our team of engineers are expected to write blogs, speak at conferences and participate in company-sponsored events. At Stable Kernel, each employee is a brand ambassador. 


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