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Mobile Engineer - iOS or Android

Buildit@Wipro Digital
🏢 [email protected] Digital 🇬🇧 Edinburgh, United Kingdom 🕑 June 26

This job offer is expired

Company Description

Buildit @ Wipro Digital is a Global Engineering Studio and part of Wipro Digital and the wider Wipro Organisation. We love engineering and it’s our core focus across our Studios in USA, UK, Ireland & India. We're a global team and we value transparency, curiosity, inclusivity and getting stuff done.

Why us?

We challenge the way companies approach problem solving and share a passion for solving difficult ones. We understand that success comes from a combination of changes in technology, ways of working and a customer centric approach. We love technology, and understand that real change comes from showing people what is possible rather than telling them. We treat our people like adults and foster an environment where they feel empowered to succeed.

Job Description

Why us?

  •  Do you think there’s something lacking in how many companies approach problems, whether they’re people, process, or technology related?

  •  Do you want to help them figure out how to think and work differently?

  •  Do you love technology, and understand that real change comes from people doing different

    things, rather than people doing the same things differently?

  •  These are the things that drive us. Do they drive you?

    Who we are looking for

    We are looking for people who want to help us change the way companies think and approach problems; people who want to work with teams and individuals who share a passion for solving complex problems; people who want to own the entire problem, whether it’s about technology, ways of working, teams, or customer experience.

    We are looking for people who want to be treated like adults; people who neither need, nor want,

    someone else to tell them what needs to be done, but instead who can look at what’s happening, what’s needed, and figure out how they fit into it; people who are comfortable finding their own place.

    We are looking for people who want to work in cross-functional teams, and want to help others learn how to build them, and why they're valuable; people who understand when cloud technology is beneficial, and when it isn't; people with a grasp of a variety of technologies, languages, and methodologies, along with their pros and cons.

    Why You?

    What you'll do

  •  Understand clients' organisations, aspirations and challenges.

  •  Help clients identify promising solutions through participating in, and leading, workshops.

  •  Build real solutions through experimentation as part of a multi-faceted team.

  •  Accelerate and improve how we help our clients through developing and contributing to

    components, services and methodologies.

  •  Explore up-and-coming technologies and software products; seize learning and knowledge

    sharing opportunities; participate in professional organizations. Read; teach; learn.


  1. What you’ll need

    •  A passion and talent for mobile development, with an appreciation of all the pieces of the puzzle

      that make it happen.

    •  Proven iOS or Android development experience in a production context.

    •  Experience with visual design and prototyping.

    •  Solid understanding and practical experience of engineering fundamentals of mobile development

      such as performance, APIs, troubleshooting, latency, etc.

    •  Confidence in working with version control systems such as Git.

    •  Strong knowledge of designing a mobile experience for variable screen sizes.

    •  Hands-on experience of continuous delivery.

    •  Experience with interaction design, crossing over into UX.

    •  Knowledge of backend tech is be advantageous as you'll be working with backend developers.


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