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Senior Front End Developer

🏢 NETbuilder 🇬🇧 Greater London, United Kingdom 🕑 April 01

This job offer is expired

Front-End Developer – Overview

Working alongside our Java and Full Stack Developers, you will become core members of our team and support the day-to-day implementation of project deliveries. You are responsible for the production, modification, and maintenance of compelling Front End, experience driven environments. You will collaborate with a diverse group of project managers, designers, engineers, and infrastructure teams to build and deliver end-to-end solutions.

As Front-end Developer, you’ll work across the entire delivery lifecycle, on projects that help clients operate successfully in the digital world acting as a leader to the rest of the team and inspiring more junior FE Developers.

You’ll build web solutions and apps capable of doing anything a native mobile or desktop app can do, working collaboratively in a team with other front-developers, API developers, creatives and UX experts, integration teams and the client themselves to get the work done.

Key responsibilities

  • Strong understanding of software engineering/programming concepts;
  • Building front-end with modern technologies (e.g. React, Angular etc.)
  • Solid project work using core HTML, CSS, Front End Web Developer
  • Develop high quality software with the team that meets the definition of done;
  • Peer review or pair program as part of the team;
  • Be fully immersed in the Scrum process and your team. Fully participate in story refinement, sprint planning, Scrums, Sprint Reviews and Sprint Retrospectives;
  • Deliver mobile-first, responsive sites using a combination of HTML5 and CSS
  • Continuous attention to lean principles such as limiting WIP, and reducing cycle time and waste;
  • Produce user and technical documentation (wiki-based);
  • Provide technical support and resolve production issues;
  • Be continually developing yourself and your career.

Front End Developer Skills

  • Interpret business requirements as working software through collaboration with business analysts, designers, architects and other business stakeholders
  • Help deliver features end-to-end
  • Native to JavaScript development
  • Write code to a high standard, incorporating effective unit tests and meeting our code quality levels
  • Demonstrate delivered functionality to client teams
  • Resolution of defects during test execution phases and in production environments

Personal attributes

  • Passionate about code programming;
  • A proactive approach to problem-solving;
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Self-sufficient;
  • Good communications skills - written and verbal;
  • Ability to engage and interact with non-technical staff;
  • Consultative and highly communicative with peers;
  • A good team-playing mentality;
  • An ability to work to tight deadlines and within constraints.


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