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Front End Developer - shape and build our next generation of apps with Vue.js

IP Centrum
🏢 IP Centrum 🇬🇧 West Midlands, United Kingdom 🕑 June 26

This job offer is expired

Are you a truly special developer looking to join an awesome team that's getting going on engineering the next generation of our web apps based on Vue.js and related tech?

Have you wanted to start again and build front end apps the right way? 

We have some complex apps to build/rebuild in the near future so we want to get this right and start with some solid foundations to allow us to develop quickly without mounting up code debt. When we've got those foundations in place with some sound use of abstraction, we want to use that to build out the most beautiful progressive apps with great UI (based on Material Design). 

Are you an expert in?

You don't need to be expert in all these things, but if you have deep experience of at least some of them then you'd be great here:

  • Vue.js (React and Angular experience relevant)
  • Vuex (you might have done Redux or NgRx)
  • SASS (CSS guru)
  • Material Design (vue-material /  vuetify /  material-components-vue)

If you're full stack that's great too, we are open source on the back end with largely REST APIs built on PhP/MySQL today and exploring Javascript/TypeScript in the future.

You'll be joining a front end team that is growing. If you've got a passion to solve really hard things and doing that well, then you'll likely enjoy being here. 

Looking after your personal information as a job applicant to IP Centrum

Here at IP Centrum we’re realistic. Busy developers don’t spend their time reading privacy notices… however... we'd want you to know we take the handling of your personal information seriously. Integrity and transparency are at the heart of how we do things, so please do check here to see as an applicant how we'd handle your personal information -



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