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Full-stack web developer (Tokyo, Japan)

Yaraku, Inc.
🏢 Yaraku, Inc. 🇯🇵 Shibuya-ku, Japan 🕑 May 31

This job offer is expired

"Develop YarakuZen":
We are looking for a full-stack web developer for a position in Tokyo, Japan.
You will work in a team with other developers and be committed to development, design and implementation of mid-scale to large-scale web applications and modules for already existing applications. (*Visa support is available.)


About Us:

Skills & Requirements

Required skills:
1. Strong skills in object-oriented web development with PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS and HTML. Experience in other languages such as Python, Ruby, etc. is a plus.
2. Extensive knowledge and experience of MVC design pattern frameworks. Laravel 5, Backbone.js and AngularJS is a plus.
3. The habit of automatic testing as a natural part of the development flow.
4. Experience in distributed full-text search engine such as Elasticsearch or Solr is a plus.
5. Experience in server management and infrastructure is a plus.
6. More than 3 years experience in professional web development.
7. English skills and speak one more language (Japanese is not required, but a plus).


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