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Development Manager - Data & Analytics

Boras Corporation
🏒 Boras Corporation πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Newport Beach, CA, US πŸ•‘ November 14

This job offer is expired

The Company

We are a sports agency representing elite baseball players. Our founder, Scott Boras, is the most powerful, widely-known individual agent in any sport, with over 30 years of experience. Our firm is the premier single-sport athlete representation firm in the world. We are a team dedicated to being the best in the world at what we do: serving the athletes of baseball.

More about the company and its history can be found on the Wikipedia page for Scott Boras: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

The Job

We are looking for a motivated, organized, detail-oriented, and technically skilled individual with a love of baseball to serve as our data/analytics development manager. This is a unique opportunity to apply your technical skills to the high stakes, high visibility world of Major League Baseball, defending the rights of individual workers against a management entity with $10+ billion in annual revenue.

This position heads up a department charged with the continuing development and maintenance of our in-house corporate frontend, a diverse set of web-based tools used by each department in the company in a different way. The toolset is always evolving, but today primarily runs on a LAMP stack. The position also oversees all backend data stores and flows ensuring all corporate data stores, tools, and capabilities are functioning and up-to-date. The position is responsible for keeping the company at the leading edge of the baseball world, as “Big Data” and advanced analytics continue to increase in importance. So, its responsibilities will inevitably expand over time. A familiarity with the business side of the game is a must (e.g., contract types, service classes, rules, etc.), as bad data is worse than no data at all. This role requires attention to detail, critical thinking skills, and the ability to communicate and manage people.

The Team

This role is part of a data/analytics department that consists of several in-house employees, an outside software development firm, and a handful of data providers. It reports to an executive with diverse departmental responsibilities, making it the “tip of the spear” for the data/analytics department. Since its founding, our company has been innovative in the data world, leading to a reputation for quality, diverse information in the face of a perpetual “arms race” mentality in the rest of the industry. Our data must be always available, up-to-date, and accurate.

What You’ll Do All Day

The day-to-day role will involve:

  • Planning and managing the development of additional software functions and capabilities for our user-facing data tools
  • Interacting with the project lead from our outside software development shop regarding ongoing development
  • Working with personnel from other departments to determine what advances and enhancements to our toolset will enable them to do their job better and/or more efficiently. Converting those ideas into buildable, achievable development goals.
  • Increasing the pace of tool development through focused attention, ensuring both bug-level and feature-level needs do not stagnate
  • Clearing through a significant backlog of existing projects and tasks, from bug fixes to wholesale reimagining of entire segments of our data infrastructure
  • Fielding feedback and bug reports from users, entering them into JIRA or other similar project tracking tools, resolving the issue yourself wherever possible, or assigning it to our external developers where necessary or more efficient
  • Management of subordinate(s) charged with bulk data collection and organization, manual updating of certain mission-critical data stores, monitoring and verification of automated data processes, data flow evaluation/improvement, and auditing, completion, and correction of existing data stores

We Need to See

  • Broad technical fluency. There is no specific education requirement, provided the requisite technical skills are present.
  • The ability to oversee and maintain LAMP-based software, including migration to new or more advanced tools as needed
  • Comfort using the Laravel PHP framework
  • Fluency in the hands-on use, operation, and maintenance of relational databases (MySQL), Unix/Linux servers and command line tools, and other elements of back-end system development
  • Fluency with the game of baseball, its core statistics, sabermetrics, and advances in baseball analytics
  • Familiarity with the “business of baseball” — free agency, arbitration, the draft, waivers, etc.
  • Reliability and impeccable attention to detail while moving quickly to address issues
  • The ability to be clever, creative, and tenacious when problem solving
  • The ability to effortlessly communicate using modern computing platforms and tools, and adopt new tools as they arise
  • The ability to explain complex issues to non-technical personnel via clear and concise oral and written communication
  • The ability to work as a team player, including the adoption of best practices and preferred workflows

We’d Like to See

  • Undergraduate degree or higher, particularly in statistics, computer science, or other applicable field
  • 3+ years of professional experience building and maintaining relational databases
  • Skills necessary to apply advanced statistical analytics, including the development of new or advanced algorithms, derived statistics, or other “Big Data” related capabilities
  • Skills with programming languages outside the LAMP stack, particularly R, Obj-C, Swift
  • Fluency in one or more foreign languages, particularly “baseball languages” like Spanish, Japanese, and Korean
  • Understanding of baseball’s operational rules, including the Major League Rules and the Basic Agreement between MLB and the MLBPA
  • A team sports background at the collegiate level or higher, particularly pro / D-1 baseball or softball playing experience

Why the Boras Corporation is a Great Place to Work

  • Based in beautiful Newport Beach, CA, with personnel wherever baseball is played around the world
  • Headquarters modeled on a player clubhouse, including lunch service and 100+ flat screen TVs showing baseball 24x7
  • Salary and benefits meeting or exceeding those standard in the baseball industry
  • Stability unmatched in baseball — a large percentage of our personnel can measure their tenure in decades
  • Corporate focus on investing in our personnel and providing the tools and resources needed to do world-class work
  • Apple Macintosh computers and iPhone/Android smartphones
  • Ownership that continually reinvests in the company
  • A supportive team-based environment with little to no office politics or egos getting in the way of the work. We hire quality people. Anyone else won’t last long
  • We are passionate about the work we do. We believe in our clients, believe in our mission, and apply talent and hard work towards being the best in the world


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