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Front-end / Back-end Developer

Sanoma Media Finland
🏢 Sanoma Media Finland 🇫🇮 Helsingfors, Finland 🕑 March 08

This job offer is expired

Do you want to work in Sanoma and develop the largest, most well-known marketplaces and the most prominent media services in Finland? For example, you might be interested in working with Oikotie or Huuto.net? On the other hand, you might want to develop the most reaching video network in Finland or the Ruutu video services in Nelonen? Anyway, based on your interests, you can participate in developing award-winning applications and Finland's most popular consumer services with modern technologies and tools.

Our tech-stack in a nutshell

We apply the most suitable tech stack in each case, considering the overall architecture. As a PHP framework, we have Symfony2, Zend2 and Laravel, and we also use Node.js, nginx and Varnish in many of our projects. As a CMF / CMS solution we often have Drupal.

Most of our work is done with AWS services, the most important of which are:

  • S3
  • CloudFormation
  • CloudFront
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • ElasticSearch ja
  • RDS.

We hope that you’ll have

  • at least five years of experience in developing large online services
  • experience in maintaining databases and servers as well as
  • knowledge and experience in test-driven software development

We hope you are at your best in a group of experts from different fields and you can communicate your opinion in a fair and understandable way to different people.

What we’re like

At Sanoma, we are agile spiced up with common sense. We value more concrete results, happy customers and pragmatic ways of working rather than following a paradigm. Our own and partner employees have been impressed by our pragmatism and disciplined focus on the “beef”. We understand that we’re on a journey that is continuously evolving. That’s why we always put an eye for detecting waste and improving ourselves. We strongly believe that wisdom lives in our teams and it is truly our main focus to enable and provide safe environment for them.

Apply now

Send your application today! If you need more information, please request a Slack invitation from samuli.kiviniemi@sanoma.com. You’ll also reach us old fashioned by emailing either antti.pyysalo@sanoma.com and/or samuli.kiviniemi@sanoma.com 


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