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Software Engineer | Shake-up an industry by building new tools and services

🏢 Toto Energy 🌎 Brighton, UK 🕑 September 10

This job offer is expired

TOTO Energy are a rapidly expanding energy business that are shaking up their industry. Based in the Brighton Marina, they need a smart Software Engineer to build next gen internal tools and find better ways to service their customers. 

In 2010, the Big Six energy firms had 99% of the UK market. In 2018, this had reduced to 75%, with smaller suppliers snapping up hundreds of thousands of customers each year. Their smaller structures, efficient adoption of modern technologies and ability to offer lower prices is squeezing their established competitors and forcing a huge change in the UK energy market. 

TOTO Energy have been operating for nearly 3 years now and have taken significant market share. They added an additional 44,000 customers to their books over the summer when they acquired Solarplicity and aggressively pursuing new business. They're keen to make the most of the new state of the energy industry, and have the people, market position and passion to do so. 

The software team work on new tools and services. They take ownership for everything customer facing and all internal tools and are charged with finding technical solutions to real-world problems. It's a relatively new business so there's very little legacy code to wade through. The majority of recent projects have been greenfield.

Areas that the team will be focusing on over the next year includes (but isn't limited to) expanding the phone systems (they've recently built a new system with Twilio so are keen to build on that), improving the sales software and supporting the next generation of smart metres. There's massive potential to innovate and build new things. 

This position will suit someone with a passion for technology who relishes identifying simple solutions to complex problems. You'll be working in a high performing team who are central to the success of the business, so you'll be someone who responds well to pressure and is comfortable partnering with and challenging non-technical stakeholders. You'll enjoy being part of a business that is experiencing constant change and growth.  

Technology-wise, you'll be a developer who's isn't glued to one language or framework. Their core platform is built in Laravel, but their newer services and tools are built in a MEVN stack, and they are actively investing in and exploring newer tools and services. You would be encouraged to identify new tech that will benefit the business and team. You'd be given free rein to do things your way, too. 

If you're a commercial back-end developer who enjoys freedom, learning and playing with new stuff, you'll like it here. There aren't many other firms in Brighton that are expanding at this pace, and you'll be working with an experienced team who are very good at what they do. 

Interested? Hit 'apply now' to register your interest. The next stage will be an informal and confidential conversation with a Hays Digital Tech consultant who knows the job and company well. They'll message you to set up a time to speak that suits you. 


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