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Senior Frontend or Fullstack Developer on SaaS Product (ReactJS, Typescript, GraphQL, PHP)

🏢 Deskpro 🌎 Remote 🕑 April 20

This job offer is expired

We are Deskpro, a helpdesk and communications product. We're looking for developers eager to join our small team building out the next generation of our product. We're looking for both Frontend and Fullstack developers.

Deskpro is a great place to work if you're the kind of developer who likes a fair amount of autonomy and likes to just "get stuff done". We're a small team, and we all tend to just do whatever needs doing. There's usually a lot of variety in the work we do which is great if you like to learn on the job.

Our focus at the moment is developing our brand-new UI using React/Typescript/GraphQL. We've thrown away a lot of old legacy code, and we've started from scratch using the best tools available. The surface area for our UI is quite extensive to cover all of our features (ticketing, voice/telephony, chat, content publishing, task management etc) so we have a lot of work to do!

Requirements for Frontend
  • Expert with ReactJS and Typescript
  • Experience with GraphQL and using Apollo GraphQL within React apps
  • Experience using Storybook and Figma and turning our designs into well-written components.
  • Up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends. E.g. we use React with hooks, styled-components, GraphQL codegen.

Requirements for Fullstack
  • Expert with modern PHP.
  • We use both Symfony and Laravel, most of our "new" code is Laravel. Experience with one or the other is required.
  • We use MySQL and experience working with MySQL and writing queries against MySQL is required.
  • It's fine if your skills are BE focused, but our Fullstack devs still write FE code, so you should have a handle on everything mentioned above. E.g. imagine if one of our FE devs implemented a mocked-out form, you might need to make an API and then actually hook it up in the UI.

This is a good role for you if...
  • You like working on product and being part of the conversation. If you have an opinion on how things should be, or if you're interested in UX, then this is a great role for you.
  • You like working on stuff that people actually use. We have customers from big companies like Microsoft or government departments like HMRC, to small mum-and-pop shops. For a lot of our customers, they use our product all day long -- literally as their day job. Even little things we do have a big impact for these people.
  • You like taking things on yourself and getting stuff done. We're a small team here and developers are mostly responsible for their own work. If you need something from someone, go out and get it -- we try to enable our developers to unblock themselves.
  • You like mentoring. Not all of our developers are as senior as you are, so you'll need to mentor them and help out with daily chores like code reviews.


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