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Senior PHP / JavaScript Developer

Studio None
🏢 Studio None 🇦🇺 Fortitude Valley, Australia 🕑 April 10

This job offer is expired

Studio None

The dream of singularity

That you can become so good at what you do, there is no one else that exists with your ability.

Singularity also being the opposite of none.
There is no you, or can, or being good at anything - no one else, no abilities.

Raw, exposed, unmasked,
none defines everything of nothing known.
The frozen moment before a singularity of limitless potential.

Who are we

Studio None is a globally recognised technology product development company, located in Fortitude Valley. We provide online solutions to our clients with a particular focus on large scale development and deployment, digital strategy, creative development and user experience through multi-channel solutions.

There's about 15 of us that call 500B (Fortitude Valley) home. An average day would include having our morning meeting to sort out our agendas for the day. The work that follows could be as varied as planning architectural improvements for some of our systems, refactoring code you just weren't quite happy with, pair programming with your colleagues to learn more about a system or writing new code to solve often unique and challenging issues that we face.

We have Monday morning muffins, Friday lunches are on us, and a tab with the coffee shop, so coffees all round does happen from time to time as well - with beers always stocked in the fridge. 

Afternoons are pretty chilled and we will often have a game of table tennis to let a bit of steam off and defrag. Vicki our accounts lady will often initiate a nerf war before retreating back to her office, happy that she has created chaos.

At Studio None we value each and every team member and rely heavily of the unique skills and talents they bring to the organisation. We are not a sweat shop and look to everyone for professional and personal advice to make the place we work better.

Core Requirements

  • PHP / Symfony
  • Javascript / React
  • MySQL / Postgres / NoSQL
  • Docker

Examples of what you will be working on

  • https://www.wotif.com/discover
  • http://expedia.com/pictures
    • Expedia's first React & docker based application
    • Put Expedia's name into the React Github repository

Other things we love working with

Laravel, Silex, ORM, ODM, SASS, CSS3 Twig, Handlebars, Devops, PHP-FIG standards, Big things, Webpack, Gulp, Git, Docker-Compose, NPM, Composer, Terraform and a few others.


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