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Full Stack Engineer @ Genius

🏢 Genius 🇺🇸 Brooklyn, NY, US 🕑 February 08

This job offer is expired

The Genius engineering team builds and maintains a website and apps that are used by 100 million people every month. The majority of the content—lyrics, annotations, and metadata—is crowdsourced by an engaged group of contributors using a complex and ever evolving technical platform.

Genius is looking for a Full Stack Engineer to architect and implement new features. We’re looking for makers with a sophisticated code sense: folks who’ve built cool things, but who can also maintain and scale those things, and who feel at home deep in the guts of a library.

The best candidates will have professional experience on a web stack serving millions of users, will be proficient with Ruby on Rails, MySQL or Postgres, and have some experience with a front-end javascript framework (Angular, React, Ember, etc).


  • Build and maintain web application features, primarily with Rails
  • Work closely with application infrastructure to scale backend services to tens of thousands of requests per minute
  • Develop the APIs that our Android and iPhone apps and web frontend consume
  • Create frontend interfaces with HTML, CSS, and Javascript (including Angular)
  • Write PostgreSQL queries and migrations that scale to large tables with 50M+ rows
  • Work closely with product team to define feature specifications
  • On-call duty to respond to urgent bugs or outages


  • Significant experience writing and deploying code on a large-scale production app
  • Significant experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Significant experience with at least one front end framework: Angular, Ember, React, or similar
  • Significant experience working with relational databases and writing SQL queries

Ideal requirements:

  • 3+ years experience with Rails development
  • 3+ years experience with Angular
  • 3+ years experience with PostgreSQL/MySQL

Example Projects

  • Design an activity stream scalable to 100M+ events and a filterable “firehose” interface for consuming them
  • HTTP-cache all pages at the edge for logged-out users only
  • Write Javascript that can run robustly in any other website’s JS and CSS environment
  • Develop a system for anchoring annotations to arbitrary DOM that can change out from under you
  • Calculate document ownership based on edit history with hundreds of distinct authors
  • Develop representation for rich text that’s portable to native iOS and Android environments
  • Create framework for caching partial templates
  • Design a domain-specific language and implementation of site-wide rate limits for spammy or abusive behavior
  • Fingerprint artist names to prevent duplicate data with low false-positive rate


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