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Backend Ruby Developer

🏢 Verify 🌎 Remote 🕑 February 13

This job offer is expired

It was late, but I was clearing the last few remaining emails in our support inbox when I noticed something. It started slow -- just one notification at first. Then two, three.. Before long, there were dozens. Our error reporting tool was connected to Slack, and these notifications meant something was wrong. Seriously wrong.

I stopped the email reply I was typing mid-sentence and switched over to Slack. I had a look at the growing error log, now over two scrollbar lengths deep, and pinged my CTO. He was already on it. It wasn’t long before we figured out what the problem was: our bank connection was down.

Several frantic phone calls and meetings later, we found out why: the bank’s executive team had met and decided they no longer wanted to do business with us. Not only did this violate the agreement we’d signed just a few weeks prior, we received zero prior notice. Now our phones were ringing off the hook with disappointed startup founders who could no longer process card payments through their online stores.

Three years later, and I still remember this scenario like it was yesterday. Today, I’m the CEO of Verify. Our mission is to usher in the decentralized financial future; a future where banks don’t decide who can and can’t participate in the economy. Our long-term plan to achieve this vision starts off with a native value transfer solution called Verify Payments.

About Verify Payments

Verify Payments is an API-based solution that enables instant, low cost bank transfers anywhere in the world. We’re a small team that moves fast, with an ambitious plan to offer efficient real-time transfer of value, both locally and internationally. We operate 100% remotely.

About the role

Things we’re looking for:

  1. You love to learn
  2. You can’t resist a good challenge
  3. You get results

Give us examples of situations you’ve been through that demonstrate these 3 things. While we don’t require a fixed number of years of experience, we care about your track record.

When applying, remember:

  1. Show, don’t tell. Action speaks louder than words -- and we want to see what you’ve built. Share your Github, demo links and live applications.
  2. Demonstrate results. Tell us about what you’ve done, not what you’d do.

We haven't said much about how we work because you're going to be the first full-time technical hire at the company. You'll be shaping the processes that future hires will follow.


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