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Senior Engineering Manager

🏢 carwow 🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom 🕑 February 24

This job offer is expired

About carwow

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We’re looking for an experienced engineering manager to join and support our expanding team. You’ll be working closely with the Director of Engineering, supporting our 25 (and growing) engineers across 6 cross-functional product teams.

It’s an exciting opportunity to join a growing company and have a real impact on the culture and environment as we go along this journey. You’ll have an opportunity to influence everything from daily engineering practices to defining our future engineering organisation structure, and everything in between.

At carwow, we value engineering managers who are keen to stay close to the ground and the product and see themselves as there to support teams, rather than lead them from above. For this reason as an engineering manager you’ll also be expected to spend some of your time (but not the majority) working alongside developers, pairing and delivering features.

We value creating a diverse and inclusive work environment and are actively working on building this. As a leader on our team, we expect that you will contribute actively to this aspect of our culture.

What you’ll be doing

  • Spending time on the product teams and pairing with the developers (note: this won’t be the most important, nor the most time consuming part of the role, but still an important part)
  • Maintain a rewarding work environment that helps us retain and attract talented engineers
  • Continually refine and improve recruitment processes
  • Evangelise new technologies and best practices across all the engineering team
  • Influence product strategy and the engineering organisational structure as we scale
  • Work on maintaining an emotionally safe and rewarding environment
  • Help build the carwow engineering brand in the wider tech community
  • Have regular one-to-ones with engineers
    • Help them grow both as engineers and as individuals
    • Encourage regular feedback
    • Develop an accurate picture of the challenges facing the various teams and come up with plans to resolve them
  • Develop and maintain relationships with the other departments in carwow and facilitate effective communication and sharing across the organisation
  • Work closely with our internal talent team to grow and develop our engineering team

Why should you join carwow?

  • You are exposed to the entire product development process, as an engineering manager you’ll have an opportunity to influence the entire product process
  • There’s lots to do; we are building tonnes of new features all the time and still defining what carwow is as a product, and we have ambitious plans for our engineering team to meet these demands!
  • We value personal development and growth, e.g. every Friday, the engineering team is given the freedom to take a break from the backlog - Backlog free Fridays.
  • We care about being a happy and balanced team
  • You can get involved with a number of conferences that we sponsor/ run/ host such as Brighton Ruby Conference, Ruby Hacknight, Codebar and London Elixir Dojo
  • You will be working with a smart, quality driven and collaborative team
  • Tech is extremely important to us, one of our founders is the CTO who is very passionate about software engineering. He’ll always have the teams back
  • We have challenging scalability and are growing everyday. Currently there are around 3 million visitors a month on average to the website - having grown from 2 million in the last 6 months!


  • Your choice of hardware
  • A training budget and work from home 1 day a week
  • We’ve got weekly German language classes, presentation skills training, management training, yoga classes - we’re also teaching the rest of the company how to code!
  • We run events such as London Elixir Dojo
  • Competitive salary and you'll receive equity in the business
  • 25 days holiday
  • A chance to work in a truly data-driven environment. We A/B test extensively and data is core to our decision making process
  • Get to work with a highly experienced team on a high traffic site
  • Continuous delivery - every push to master goes straight to production (assuming the tests have passed!
  • Regular team lunches, free fruit and fancy coffee on tap (and tea!)
  • A sociable team with monthly office-wide events - check out our Instagram
  • Friday wine/beers
  • Netball, football, tennis and dodgeball teams


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