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Senior Ruby Developer

🏢 Zencargo 🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom 🕑 March 29

This job offer is expired

Viribus have partnered with Zencargo to hire an experienced Ruby Developer for their expanding team.

Zencargo’s mission is to simplify global trade

The supply chain industry is a $200 bn market and deals with managing the movement of goods and products from their creation all the way to their delivery to the end customer, so it is both ubiquitous and full of interesting challenges.

Their goal is to deliver peace of mind and data driven optimisation across the supply chain. They consider themselves a data business, which means they’re building an event driven architecture. The business domain is rich, which means you’ll learn a lot by event storming with their domain experts. Join Zencargo in shaping the future digitisation of the shipping industry, which is full of amazing challenges.


You'll be working across the following three teams, which they rotate to share knowledge:


You’ll be helping their internal sales team and their client’s procurement managers to get competitive quotes, which currently takes between 6 hours and 3 days across the industry. You’ll integrate with shipping lines to import their pricing data into their system and match sailing schedule data with pricing for all modes of transport (Air, Sea, Trucking, Rail), which are priced differently.

Supply Chain Management

You’ll be helping their customers to see all their shipments at a glance and have all stakeholders and conversations in their application in the context of particular shipments instead of going through endless email threads. Today, all the information in email inboxes is lost and clients spend hours creating reports. 


You’ll be writing internal workflow tools with their operations managers so Zencargo can grow sustainably and become best-in-class for automating what is historically a labour-intensive industry. You’ll be integrating with live updates of marine traffic, airports, warehouses and ERP systems to reduce manual data entry.

The founding team

Jan Riethmayer (@riethmayer), their CTO has a background in information retrieval and machine learning. Previously co-founder & CTO of an international loyalty platform (raised $9m). Jan is a Rubyist with commercial experience in Java, Elixir, React and R.

Their CEO, Alex Hersham, mostly recently spent 4 years building an international shipping and logistics platform at one of the largest Private Equity businesses in the world. Prior to this, he started his career at Goldman Sachs.

Richard Fattal, their CMO has a background in finance (Morgan Stanley) and helped building an agricultural commodities business in West & Central Africa, exporting single origin chocolate to Europe (experiencing logistical nightmares first hand). Richard was head of growth at Grokker (raised $25m).

The development team

Join their passionate and vibrant software development team. They strive for excellence in both, the way they behave to each other and the way they solve their customers’ problems.


You’re proactive

You’re able to figure things out by yourself and not too proud to ask questions. You’re able to shift the perspective and distinguish the urgent from the important.

You usually try to say yes

You have a can do attitude and are able to take calculated risks. You challenge decisions and you’re able to “agree to disagree”.

You’re excellent to others

You’re humble and able to listen. You build meaningful relationships with colleagues and customers to establish trust.

Strong Ruby background

Most of their application code is written in Ruby. They're using Ruby because most of the early team members have a very strong Ruby background and they all have a deep relationship with the language. They believe it's necessary to have a strong background in Ruby to be productive in their stack, today. 

Insatiable interest

Not all of their application code is written in Ruby or React.js. Click here to see their full tech stack. Most of them are polyglots and if they’re able to maintain projects in other languages and it makes sense to their business, they’re happy to do so. They expect some demonstrable interest in software development best practices and architectural patterns.

We offer

  • The once in a lifetime opportunity to change one of the biggest industries in the world.
  • You’ll work with an internationally diverse, sociable, dynamic team with a clear vision and strategy.
  • They offer flexible working, including parent friendly working hours, flexible hours, working from home days, because a big portion of the team is remote.
  • A highly attractive salary depending on experience.
  • You'll report directly to the CTO.


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