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Back-End Developer

🏢 Keyp 🌎 Remote 🕑 June 21

This job offer is expired

You are going to build the foundation for every citizens' digital identity

Keyps’ mission is to solve the problem that is as old as the internet itself.

Digitalization means the physical and digital worlds are merging, services, communication and processes become data. Our economy is unstoppably transforming into a digital one, and yet, one elementary questions remains unaddressed: "How do we know who is who?" Take for instance contracts, signed by two or more parties: The blockchain promises a solution to protecting and enacting the content, but how do we assert the identity of the parties?

You are at the heart of Keyp’s engineering process building on of the SDKs of Keyp.

We are looking for two Back-End Developers. One with focus on IAM to design our connector SDK. And one with focus on Security to design our development SDK.

What is your role?

  • You are designing and implementing either the connector SDK for different IAM solutions and the protocols in use or the development SDK for external/authentication developers
  • For the connector SDK, you meet on behalf of Keyp with the developers of our business partners to understand their processes and build solutions together with them that meet their needs
  • Your focus is the integration on the client’s side of Keyp
  • For the development SDK you build and implement security related modules in collaboration with security experts
  • Here your focus is on helping developers of authentication solutions with tools so they can connect their solution to Keyp

What are your responsibilities?

  • You make infrastructural decisions such as programming languages to be used in back-end components and provide general support to team members
  • For the IAM focus you build installers that system admins can use to make their IAM system ready for an integration with Keyp
  • Your objective is to integrate Keyp into existing services
  • For the Security focus you design and develop concepts together with our CTO and external security experts to secure Keyps’ protocol while making it easy to use for authentication partners
  • There your objective is to integrate existing solutions to Keyp

Your qualifications

  • You have a very good knowledge is in at least one of NodeJS, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python
  • Regarding the development of the connector SDK you provide a deep understanding of SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect
  • Also you're experienced in the corporate environment, their IAM services (ADDS, LDAP) and the used standards there
  • Reffering to the development SDD you're experienced in the setup of nginx/apache proxy server, expressJS, Parse server, Tomcat
  • Too you're sympathised with the Open Source environment and motivation to make life easier for other developers

Job location will be Munich, Germany - London, UK - Zurich, Switzerland or the possibility to work remotely.

You can also find a FAQ and if you've come this far you might also be interested in our motivation and where we come from with our ide on keyp.io/jobs.

You want to get in touch with Keyp? We're happy to answer your questions and/or receive your resume.


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