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Ruby Software Engineer

🏢 Zendesk 🇵🇱 Kraków, Poland 🕑 March 14

This job offer is expired

Zendesk Sell (formerly Base) is, at its core, built on top of Ruby. The functionalities that our customers depend on are supported by hundreds of services talking to each other on AWS-backed PaaS. From microservices to Apache Storm topologies, all this requires care and attention not to break the promise of providing perfect experience we give to our customers.

As a Backend Ruby Engineer you will solve technical challenges like ensuring high availability or handling concurrency, at the same time you will work closely with other engineers to understand priorities and set standards within our organization.

In a complex environment of modern software engineering world, it’s very hard to miss the pivotal part which is customer compassion and we believe that this is the road to success. If you would like to take part in this road and contribute, don’t be afraid and contact us!

Required skills and experience

  • Experience in a dynamic language like Ruby or Python (approx. 3 years of experience)
  • Knowledge of SQL of some flavour and aware of key concepts like schema, indexing
  • Building Rails-based applications and JSON APIs
  • High customer empathy and focus on the value delivered to clients
  • Strong belief in writing tests
  • Eagerness to learn tons of new things

What we offer

  • Sky-rocketing your experience with customer-first approach to software engineering
  • Collaboration with open-minded, experienced and helpful people
  • Exciting domain challenges: email & calendar synchronization, using external APIs like Twilio Voice
  • Wide range of technologies to work with: Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Sidekiq, Redis
  • Opportunity to learn in different ways – development fund, book clubs


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