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Full Stack Rails Developer

🏢 Format 🌎 Remote 🕑 July 05

This job offer is expired

Based in Toronto, Format.com is the leading online portfolio platform for professional visual artists around the world to exhibit, market and sell their work. We are a proudly self funded business with tens of thousands of customers across every country worldwide.

You’ll be working on our Product team working on new product features as well as iteration and maintenance on existing features. Typically this entails taking high fidelity designs and technical requirements, working with the stakeholders to decide on solutions, and then working with your team to implement, test, and ship. You should have a keen attention to detail and the ability to understand and make trade-offs at multiple levels of abstraction.

You’re enthusiastic, have high standards and a keen attention to detail, and you instinctively take ownership of your work. You’re excited at the idea of writing software that will be simple, easy to grok, but also performant and scalable when appropriate.

Every member of our team is expected to ship top-notch work and take complete ownership of their responsibilities. In return, this is an incredible opportunity to get down into the trenches of a growing business and product, work with cutting-edge technologies, be immersed in a seriously awesome company culture, and solve challenging problems daily.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Building and shipping: You love the satisfaction that comes from building software that strikes the perfect balance between simplicity, flexibility, and functionality. You leverage your knowledge, experience, and toolset to maximize your productivity, and you pride yourself on shipping high-quality software every day.

  • Consulting and estimating: You deeply understand the unique use cases and challenges of building modern web applications. You’re adept at investigating and understanding your team’s requirements, flagging potential issues, and proposing creative solutions. You realize software estimation is a hard problem, but you’re well-versed in estimation approaches and you care deeply about delivering on your commitments.

  • Managing requirements, dependencies, and scheduling: You have no problem balancing development commitments for multiple stakeholders, and you’re comfortable managing your own priorities and schedule.

  • Fixing and improving: You’re passionate about continuously improving processes, systems, and codebases, and you’re vigilant about keeping a high bar of quality. When you see a problem, you want to fix it, and you’re skilled at uncovering the root causes of  problems.

  • Communicating: You’re a skilled and fearless communicator -- clear, direct, and to the point, no matter whom you’re communicating with. You recognize that quality of  communication is what makes the difference between a good developer and a great one. Whether written or spoken, your colleagues value your ability to distill information into accurate and unambiguous language.

What we’d like to see in our ideal candidate:

  • You have 3+ years experience building complex web applications with modern technology
  • You have deep experience with the Ruby on Rails framework and ecosystem including RSpec, Bundler, Sprockets, JavaScript and ES6, Haml, and CSS/SCSS
  • You would be perfectly comfortable modifying an existing JavaScript library or writing a custom Ruby gem and bundling it into your own project
  • You’re very comfortable with git and understand commits, revisions, merging, and conflict resolution
  • You enjoy the idea of deploying your own code on your first day of work and being responsible for what happens
  • You’re excited by the prospect of teaching yourself new technologies as needed
  • You are passionate about user experience, whether that means multiple iterations to deliver a simple yet powerful UI, or an API that a developer of any skill level could understand and consume
  • You can accurately set and meet deadlines
  • You are obsessive about reducing operational overhead whenever and wherever possible
  • You can make informed technology and implementation decisions and justify them
  • You understand the concept of React + Redux and you’re comfortable writing and modifying components
  • You’re familiar with Lua


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