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Backend Hacker - Ruby on Rails

🏢 SupportBee 🌎 Remote 🕑 July 10

This job offer is expired

SupportBee makes software for managing high touch customer relationships. We are bootstrapped, profitable, and hungry for growth. Both in business, and our personal lives. Join us for a rewarding journey!

As a backend engineer, you will work on the code that powers the email importing, ticketing API, admin interface, and the reporting (analytics) infrastructure.

Why Work at SupportBee

We pride ourselves on the quality of our tech stack and strive to maintain it. One of the founders wrote a ton of the early code and shaped the tech culture. Checkout our developer blog - https://developers.supportbee.com/blog/

We use Mixpanel and Google Analytics to track an array of events and properties on the app’s usage. We have a data-driven culture — as a team, we rely on data to drive decisions about the product.

Deep domain expertise
We have been working on SupportBee since 2011. We launched the product in September 2012. Since then we have learned a ton about our domain — problems customers face, technical challenges in solving them, and ways to monetize effectively (aligning value provided with monetization strategies).

Remote Work Culture
We don’t have an office, and all of us join in from around the world. Currently, we are from Bolivia, Europe, United States, and India. All we require is a great internet connection, a few hours of overlap with the team, and presence in the daily standup meeting at 9am EST. Our work happens on Github, Trello, and Slack and we believe in the power of asynchronous, and clear written communication.

A culture based on respect and acceptance
We founded the company first and foremost to be a great place to work. We wanted to create a workspace where we would enjoy working every day. That goal is more important to us now than ever before. We value diversity - our team comes from many different parts of the world. Founded by two women, we have had several women contribute to the company over the last decade. A company's culture is a living thing and forever evolving. Ours isn't perfect, and we want you to help us shape it.

The road ahead is exciting
While customer support is a crowded space, ticketing hasn't inherently changed in the last decade or two. With our domain understanding, we want to create a new kind of customer support software, and we want you to be a part of this exciting journey.  We'll talk more about this when we chat with you.

Tech Stack
The tech stack is forever evolving and at the moment it is

* Ruby on Rails + Nginx
* Rspec/Cucumber for testing
* Postgres/Redis/Memcached
* Sidekiq Pro for background jobs
* Elasticsearch for search and logging
* ScoutApp for performance monitoring
* Codeship for continuous integration

We are hosted on dedicated servers from Hetzner with AWS for file storage.

Code stats - https://gist.github.com/unamashana/b082bc3dcceb6047debdbb5eb648f5d3

Peak Throughput: 11k requests/min

Your role

* Write new features and API endpoints
* Fix bugs reported by customers (and team)
* Build tools to improve customer support 
* Improve the codebase by continually refactoring it. Our goal is to break down the monolithic app into smaller services that are independently run and monitored.
* Monitor and improve the performance of the system
* Help us hire more hackers (review and interview prospective team members, and help them onboard)

To excel at the job, you need

* A passion for engineering
* 4+ years of experience writing test driven Ruby on Rails code. Most of it on apps with users (and bug reports!)
* 2+ years of experience designing and implementing REST API
* 1+ years of experience with devops - servers, Capistrano, and performance monitoring
* Good working experience with CSS/HTML/Javascript
* Excellent written and verbal communication skill (in English)
* Customer empathy - all of us participate in customer support and learn from customers.

What we are offering

* Work from anywhere - 40 hours a week
* USD 35k - 45k/year based on your experience and skills
* 0.1% - 0.5% stock options (we are a Delaware C Corp)
* Allowance for hardware and software you need to stay productive


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