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Ruby on Rails Developer

Curlee Communication Consultants
🏢 Curlee Communication Consultants 🌎 Remote 🕑 April 30

This job offer is expired

About the role
At Curlee you'll work on developing our internal software application (Ruby on Rails) which touches on everything including billing, scheduling, tracking patient outcomes, as well as providing resources/tools for therapists to use in their treatment sessions. As it is a small development team (currently only one), you'll get to wear as many hats as you can take on.

This job requires that you:
* Work closely with therapists and office staff to ensure the tools you are developing fit their needs
* Are capable of full-stack application development
* Have a strong focus on application security
* Design responsive interfaces keeping both desktop and mobile users in mind
* Have a balanced and practical approach to development 
* Have strong verbal and written communication skills
* Have a high level of attention to detail
* Promptly respond to internal user feedback, requests, etc.
* Are willing to give demos/webinars when necessary
* Create features/products that are functional and easy-to-use

Bonus points for:
* Previous experience managing a production Ruby on Rails application.
* Previous experience in the healthcare industry.
* Being located in Nashville or Knoxville.

About Curlee
Curlee Communication Consultants is East Tennessee’s largest speech pathology private practice, serving clients since 1981. We serve over 1,600 children in our office, homes, daycares, and schools. Learn more here: https://knoxvillespeech.com/

How to apply
Send your CV and a cover letter to [email protected], outlining your skills and experience. In your cover letter please answer:
- What are some of the most challenging/interesting programming tasks you have worked on?
- What interests you most about this position?

Application process
1) We will conduct an initial phone interview with promising applicants.
2) For those who seem like they would be a good fit we will give you a small, take-home, 5-10 hour paid project allowing you to demonstrate your abilities.


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