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Frontend Product Developer

Vaporware, Inc.
🏒 Vaporware, Inc. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Raleigh, NC, US πŸ•‘ July 31

This job offer is expired

We're looking for YOU, the passionate and pragmatic programmer of Web Application software. As a member of our small team, you'll be involved in every aspect of product development, from blueprint to production, collaborating directly with client stakeholders (C-level executives), product managers, designers, developers, operations, and support personnel.

You'll be specialized in Web Application development with a solid understanding of OO-principles, MVC architecture, Continuous Delivery and modern web frameworks. You'll prefer convention over configuration with frameworks (React/Redux, Ruby on Rails, Ember, Phoenix). You enjoy learning new benefits and detriments of JavaScript, Ruby, Elm, Elixir, Go, or PHP. Most importantly, you've shipped products and are looking for constant improvement. You probably even care about your development toolkit and third-party service providers.

Within 30 Days:

  • Take part in weekly sprints and daily standups on an existing client team
  • Handle your own GTD-driven task list in Asana with requests coming from client meetings and Slack communication.
  • Provide and receive constructive feedback on pull request code reviews and use our established Git flow
  • Maintain unit and feature test coverage across products to maintain high code quality
  • Join a project leader on a client project to learn how we communicate with clients
  • Commit React or Rails code directly to client features designed by your peers
  • Target 30% billable and 70% rampup time
  • Attend local community events to integrate into the wider Triangle development community

Within 60 Days:

  • Transpose product requirements to technical designs
  • Leadership communication and management responsibilities as a designated development leader on a client product
  • Target 80% billable and 20% internal time to research and improve to non-client efforts
  • Stay on top of the latest technology changes within client's tech stack

Within 90 Days:

  • Lead a local community event or meetup discussion
  • Kick off new products under the Vaporware Lean design and development process
  • Estimating development needs for new products or features
  • Recommend product solutions to client problems
  • Architect scalable technology solutions
  • Support existing maintenance clients on a proactive basis
  • Speak in Vaporware's name on social media, blogging, newsletter, or event outlets


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