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Lead Developer

Supreme Golf
🏢 Supreme Golf 🌎 Dallas, TX 🕑 September 10

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Job location: Salt Lake City, UT or Dallas, TX

The Lead Developer is a master of many technologies and has proven experience in delivering technology solutions for a high-volume customer facing web-based SaaS solutions. The Lead Developer will work closely with the Product Team and Scrum Master in understanding the requirements, documenting, and supporting existing technology stack running these solutions, along with recommending potential improvements. The Lead Developer will play a key role in designing future solutions.

Responsibilities Include:

  • lead designing technical solutions, collaborating with Product, Business, Support/Operations, and Technology teams to prioritize and deliver solutions that align with the company’s mission and strategic goals
  • convert requirements that are already sourced in work items into solutions delivered by the Technology team
  • assist Support/Operation teams in understanding issues/opportunities, exploring ideas and communicating them to the Product team
  • define metrics, groom team members, and prioritize work in alignment with business strategy
  • publish & provide status updates to internal & external stakeholders
  • adopt an active role in mitigating impediments impacting successful team completion of sprint goals
  • continually drive development towards a meaningful balance between user needs, business objectives, resource utilization, and technical feasibility
  • provide POC implementing technical solutions addressing business requirements/opportunities
  • provide documentation, presentation, technical artifacts

Must-Have Requirements

  • has 5+ years of experience on designing and implementing SaaS solutions
  • has 5+ years on Ruby on Rails, version 2.3.0 above
  • has 5+ years of experience working on *NIX platforms
  • is experienced using Ruby Version Manager (like RVM, rbenv)
  • is experienced using Ruby Package Managers (Ruby Gems)
  • is experienced in tools like Bundler
  • is experienced in templating engines – ERB, HAML
  • is experienced using ORM Libraries like Active Record
  • is heavily focused on TDD with experience using Unit Testing Frameworks like RSpec
  • has experience on using the Unit Testing Frameworks for Code Coverage – is experienced using gems like SimpleCov and tools like Code Climate
  • is experienced on Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment using Circle CI
  • is experienced in writing SQL Queries, Stored Procedures in PostgresSQL, version 9.5 above
  • is knowledgeable on Architectural Frameworks like MVC and its implementation the Rails way
  • designs and implements solutions with a deep understanding on SOLID design principles
  • is experienced on using Git based Source Control Repositories like GitHub/BitBucket/GitLabs
  • has experience providing ReSTful APIs and consuming it
  • is well experienced in Authentication & Authorization frameworks, like OAuth2, JWT, Basic Authentication
  • has developer level expertise on HTML, CSS 2.0/3.0
  • has experience on JavaScript Frameworks like jQuery
  • has experience on HTTP Servers – Apache/NGINX
  • is knowledgeable on HTTP modules on Apache/NGINX
  • is experienced in troubleshooting using tools like NewRelic
  • is a team player – works with the team in solving issues
  • follows Agile methodology in the SDLC process
  • is articulate, has excellent communication – ensures communication of issues and opportunities with stake-holders
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • familiarity with ALM tools – Jira/Rally
  • familiarity with tools like Atlassian wiki, draw.io

Ideal but not mandatory

  • has experience/familiarity on .Net Technology Stack
  • has experience/familiarity in Cloud Computing Platforms and Products offered by AWS and/or Azure
  • experience in Retail & eCommerce industry
  • experience working on providing solutions targeting mobile devices
  • ability to comprehend market, users, technology limitations & arrive at suitable solutions
  • has familiarity on emerging technologies


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