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Senior Full Stack Engineer - Zendesk Explore (analytics product)

🏢 Zendesk 🇮🇪 Ireland 🕑 November 11

This job offer is expired

At Zendesk, we geek out about building software that delivers the ultimate customer experience. Your favorite brands (like Airbnb, Uber, Slack, and Disney) use our products to engage you as a customer, and we lead the industry with beautifully simple software. And we’re constantly innovating - no really, we can’t wait to outdo ourselves in the near future.

In November 2018, we launched Zendesk Explore, our latest analytics product. It is a complex business intelligence application, serving 100,000 customers, utilising data from over 500 million Zendesk users and 40+ external data source connectors. Our mission is to help brands measure, understand and improve their customer experiences built on Zendesk. Explore is responsible for ingesting millions of records from the Zendesk product family and then allowing them to be queried and visualised at low latency - and all that at scale! 

We’re looking for a talented Senior Software Engineer to help take Explore to the next level in terms of functionality and integrations.  We have a collaborative, upbeat work ethic where you take responsibility and have fun, as well as commit to code ownership, quality and reliability.  

What you will do as a Senior Full Stack Engineer:

  • Build new product features, working on any part of the stack as required: back end and front end.
  • Work collaboratively with support advocates, product managers, and engineers to prioritize feature development.
  • Own the full release cycle from the development to the deployment.
  • Debug tricky intermittent issues - you won’t give up until the feature behaves as expected, the root cause has been identified and an automated test has been put in place to avoid the issue reoccurring.
  • Put the customer first and have quality in mind. 

What you bring to the role:

  • Min 3-4 years of experience developing features across the stack (front-end and back-end)
  • Our main stack is Ruby/Rails, Scala and TypeScript / JavaScript - you don’t need you to be proficient in all of these but you should be strong in at least one.
  • You’ve worked in multiple languages both in the front end and back end of a SaaS application. 
  • You enjoy whiteboarding problems with your peers and applying the scientific method to find a pragmatic solution that is the best fit (on balance) for the identified problem space.
  •  You can explain your views well to others and just as important, actively listen to others ensuring a good discussion.
  • You decompose projects into smaller units that can be delivered iteratively.
  • You are passionate to work on a huge existing code base and to improve it.


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