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Senior Software Engineer – LA or Remote

🏢 AdQuick 🌎 Remote 🕑 August 16

This job offer is expired

About AdQuick

AdQuick is Kayak for Outdoor Advertising. Our mission is to make outdoor ads easy to both buy and measure (think billboards, posters, transit ads, etc.). Our customers include Lyft, Vote.org, Peloton and household brands such as Kevin Hart, Drake & H&R Block. We have top-tier Silicon Valley investors, we're growing fast and we're bringing modern software to an industry that needs it. Booking a billboard should be as easy as booking a Facebook ad. Come join us to make it happen!

More info

  • We were profitable last year, despite the fact that the company is only 2 years old
  • The company is currently 17 people total.
  • The engineering team currently has 7 engineers and 1 designer.
  • The founding team consists of startup veterans who were early employees at Instacart and SteelHouse.
  • The outdoor advertising industry is $8 billion dollars in the U.S. and $40 billion globally (who knew!). This industry is part of the wider marketing and advertising industry, which is $200 billion in the U.S. and $500 billion globally – this is the same market that Google and Facebook are in.

About the Role

We're looking for the following:

  • Experience in Rails, React, Webpack, and Postgres or similar technologies
  • 3+ years experience in working on production systems
  • Ability to iterate quickly and a sense of ownership
  • Strong focus on the user experience
  • Self-starter who can strike the right balance between system improvements and getting stuff done.
  • Great English communication skills

Compensation Ranges

Salary Range: 100k - 135k
Equity Range: 0.1% - 1.0%

How Our Team Runs

Several members of our team work remotely and others frequently work from home, so we already have effective processes in place to support remote work.

  • We do video standups MWF
  • We do Kaizen (i.e. general retrospective) every other Tuesday
  • We use Asana for task-tracking
  • We use Slack for chat
  • We build out quarterly roadmaps and then split them up into 4-6 week sprint plans.
  • Friday afternoons are set aside for “hack time” – work on things you care about or want to try that are not on the immediate roadmap.

Technical Challenges

  • We are building a frontend user interface for sophisticated marketers. Users should be able to view 1M+ markers and transit lines on a map without their browser crawling to a halt. We need to support complex and interesting map visualizations – layering political voting data, census data, AdWords data and more.
  • We need to support highly efficient search by geography, demographics, unit data, and many other attributes from disparate data sources. It will be a challenge to scale while keeping search response times low.
  • We're doing interesting work with data science: we integrate with Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Ad data, and other data sources to measure impact of physical advertising on online behavior. ROI data from prior campaigns can help create more effective future campaigns. As our data warehouse grows, crunching this data will be increasingly challenging and more powerful. We're using machine learning to create better campaigns over time.
  • We scraped Instagram and used image recognition to see if people shared photos of billboards. Turns out, a lot of people Instagram’d Drake's board. Innovative ROI tools are a core part of our offering.


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