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Full Stack Developer (React Native/Rails) Root Insurance

🏢 ROOT 🇺🇸 Columbus, OH, US 🕑 February 06

This job offer is expired

We are a small team of developers working hard to change the way people buy and experience auto insurance. Our stack is a Javascript/React Native frontend and a Ruby/Rails backend. Our mobile app collects driving data, facilitates the process of purchasing insurance, and allows people to easily manage their insurance policy. Our backend analyzes the driving data, determines insurance pricing via a rating engine, and handles the entire insurance policy workflow. We’re looking for people who will thrive in a startup environment. You will be at the core of every new feature, every product decision, and every touch point of our users.

Especially for our early hires, we’re looking for people who have both tremendous breadth and depth. We don’t necessarily care about years of experience, but it usually takes people several years of working fulltime on meaningful software projects with a team to obtain this level of expertise.

Here’s a list of what we’re looking for and why we’re looking for it. An ideal candidate will have experience in all of the following areas, although some gaps are okay.

  • Comfort with our tech stack

    We're using Ruby (Rails) and Javascript (React Native). We don't require people to have experience in these languages directly, but you should be familiar with dynamic languages and interested in building software on these tech stacks.
  • Automated testing

    We’re using RSpec. We’ve found that automated testing is the best way to grow a codebase and confidently make changes to it.
  • Relational databases

    We’re using PostgreSQL. Expertise here is necessary for performance, reliability, and scaling.
  • Workers/jobs/message queues

    We’re using Resque through ActiveJob. We have a bunch of batch processing to do, often integrating with third parties that can have slow response times.
  • Integrating with third-party APIs

    We integrate with many “enterprise” partners. These unfortunately aren’t the nice, elegant RESTful APIs that we typically like, so it’s extra challenging.
  • Linux command line tools

    We rely on them for solving production issues and for having a productive development environment.

If working here sounds interesting and you'd like to be a part of building Root with us, we'd love to chat. Apply within or email us at jobs@joinroot.com



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