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Node.JS / React Developer

Ben Loop
🏢 Ben Loop 🌎 Remote 🕑 June 27

This job offer is expired

Who we are
In Ben Loop we are developing custom-made mobile and web applications. We focus on long-term cooperation in projects and we collaborate with clients from around the globe. Besides the Czech Republic, they are from Spain, Germany and USA at the moment.

Our clients include advanced start-ups as well as bigger and well-established companies and their internal start-ups.

What will your working day look like
Ben Loop was founded by two freelancers and, perhaps, that’s why we put great emphasis on personal freedom.

You can start when you want in the morning and decide yourself where you’re going to work. We usually work remotely in Ben Loop, but there are certain periods when we gladly go to our office in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

First thing in the morning we have an asynchronous stand-up via Slack when we recap the previous day’s issues as well as tasks for the current day.

Everyone then works on their assignments during the day and any other potential communication is carried on via Basecamp/Github/Slack. Nobody checks anybody as for when and how they work – only the results are important.

During the day and at the end of it, we commit the work to Github where another developer always performs Code Review for you after you complete a task.

Who we are looking for
We are looking for developers for long-term cooperation from Europe or Brazil who has experience with Node.js & React and have an active open source profile. We don’t mind if you have contributions to another project or you have your own open projects and apps, but visible activity on Github, for at least several past months, is important for us.

Another important thing for us is the ability to learn new things, open-mindedness, a common touch and the ability to deal with problems independently.

What we can gradually offer to you

High level of freedom
Remote work and flexible working hours (please read – you work no more than 8 hours, when you decide, not from sun to sun).

Extra holiday
We consider rest as an inseparable part of work and therefore we don’t prevent anybody from taking time off when it’s needed. In general, we aim to have around 20 days of paid holiday per year, but we really don’t care if somebody takes a little bit more.

New hardware on a regular basis
Everyone gets a new MacBook and iPhone or an Android phone (of your choice) every two or three years.


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