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React SPA Developer

🏢 MAVN 🌎 Remote 🕑 July 04

This job offer is expired

React SPA Developer

MAVN is growing! This listing is for a Frontend/React developer.

MAVN provides high quality and affordable online ordering services for restaurants all over America. Our clients depend on our field devices, backend services, and point-of-sale integrations for serious fractions of overall cashflow. Customers using our product depend on it working all the time, every time, so that their tacos come up as close as possible to the promised time.

We've finally outgrown our legacy Django application. We're rewriting our entire customer-facing user interface in React with Typescript, and are looking for design-conscious developers to work on the next generation of what is already the best online ordering product on the market.

In your first few quarters with MAVN, you'll build out mission-critical flows in onboarding, menu management, and tools for our beloved support staff. As you help us evolve and mature our new frontend tooling, you'll be responsible for rewriting large chunks of our legacy workflows to the shiny new promised land of React and Typescript.

MAVN is a Texas company with remote employees in far-flung parts of the United States. We collaborate over git, email, and chat.

Organizational and technical responsibilities:
- write tests
- avoid the Any type
- reimplement legacy functionality in our beautiful new UI
- fix bugs in your own code and others'
- support customer-facing staff as appropriate

Desired technical qualifications:
- several years experience in a professional software development environment
- experience with several browser UI development frameworks
- experience with React
- experience in strictly typed languages

Personality and interpersonal characteristics:
- experience shipping product in collaboration with teams
- comfortable working remotely, and collaborating asynchronously over chat
- welcoming of feedback on your own work, able to review others' work and provide feedback on it
- curious, self-starting, hard-working, detail-oriented
- know when you're stuck, can ask questions instead of spinning fruitlessly

The MAVN engineering team:
- opinionated and argumentative, but never dogmatic
- preference for strong type systems and data integrity
- values prudence and caution in how we write and deploy code
- takes the time to build things well
- very few meetings or phone calls, except as necessary for high-bandwidth communication at times

The MAVN stack and roadmap:
- we're migrating our embedded Linux solution to an Android application
- we're chipping a legacy Django monolith apart
- new APIs are completely decoupled from legacy Django machinery
- we run on a SQL data store
- we use AWS judiciously
- we write APIs largely with stored procedures
- we write services largely with Common Lisp
- we write frontend applications with React and Typescript

Career opportunities:
- build beautiful software for mobile online ordering and menu management
- build software merchants rely on for a significant fraction of their revenue
- scale our database horizontally as we add ever-larger customers and serve ever more tacos
- build out new services to grow our competetive advantage
- build APIs to support growth and integration with more partners
- invent and build new products for the restaurant industry


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