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Full Stack Developer (Ruby / React /Remote)

Territory Foods
🏢 Territory Foods 🌎 Remote 🕑 July 06

This job offer is expired

Intro about the Role

As a Full Stack Developer at Territory, you’ll be faced with interesting problems:

  • Our core system is a double-sided market, matching customer perferences in food with available inventory from chefs. There's a lot we can do to improve this, by giving our customers access to features on mobile that were previously only accessible on desktop.
  • We're not purely software - there's tons of logistics in our business. From curating menus to delivering food to helping our gym partners, we solve problems that cross from the digital into the physical every day.

About Territory

We’re a platform for the next generation of wellness, focused on the hardest problem -- personalized nutrition. We sell fresh food for Food Tribes (representing 39% of the U.S. population, including whole30, gluten-free, paleo, ketogenic, vegan, and vegetarian). We're direct-to-consumer ecommerce with differentiated distribution, partnering with leading Fitness Tribes as local pickup spots (including yoga, cycling and CrossFit studios as well as boutique and high-end health clubs).

We lead with purpose and intention, just like our customers. We’re operating in four markets (DC, DFW, SoCal and the Bay Area). In each, we work with amazing chefs using responsibly-sourced ingredients to create healthy meals that our customers rely on to undergird their health & wellness goals.

Similar to other leading ecommerce companies, we’ve had to rethink the supply chain and distribution to get the highest-quality products to our customers at a reasonable price point.

Your Responsibilities

  • You'll help shape and guide our core systems, tech, and software as the business matures.
  • You'll be a critical part of a cross-functional team, working closely with a product manager and people from many functional groups in the company.
  • You'll write code. But only as much as you need to build/improve features that solve problems.
  • You'll work with a product manager to plan the quarterly roadmap to make things better.
  • You'll respond to escalated CS issues, helping find out what went wrong, how to fix, and how we can do better next time.
  • You'll write well-tested code, and take ownership for the features your ship into the ether.

Your Mindset & Experience

At the root of it, you’re a smart, thoughtful strategic leader looking for levers of success for the business. You want to be part of a high-growth enterprise that’s trying to make a significant difference in the world where you can play a key role.

Education, Experience and Skills:

  • You're comfortable with Ruby and Rails; most of our codebase is here today.
  • You're familiar with client-side tech, enough to collaborate on designing the best way forward with front-end devs and designers. We use a lot of ReactJS around here.
  • Heroku: You should know how to deploy + maintain apps; when to scale resources (workers + add-ons).
  • Continuous integration: GitHub branching/PRs, automated testing, Semaphore CI, whatever it takes to ship often, reliably, and confidently. We use a combo of Rspec, Capybara, and Teaspoon/Jasmine for testing.
  • You’ve made decisions about a technical approach and seen how your ideas play out after building it out and living with it. Remote work is second-nature to you.
  • You’re aware of your time, of working to your rhythm, of taking breaks when you need them, of over-communicating and the importance of facetime, and of the dozens of other challenges that remote work brings… but you appreciate the freedom and responsibility remote work grants.

Position Logistics

Ideally, this is a full time remote role. Once hired, we’d want to arrange for a period of in-person on-boarding.

Our Environment

We're a mission-driven bunch - motivated to both make great eating crazy simple, delicious and life-changing, as well as the whole stew of related goodness: food, fitness, people, passion, relationships, change, health, daring, and mirth.

We try to reflect that mission in how we work:

  • We have active fun consistent with the work that we do including occasional "recess" activities: stand up paddleboarding, waterfall climbing, sand volleyball, bike rides, sailing and tree-top ropes courses. 
  • Our main office is a converted house in Alexandria's Del Ray neighborhood; at the same time we're a distributed remote team by nature with team members all over the world. We live on Slack.
  • We're all about creating a culture of individuals that hold themselves to a very high standard and get great satisfaction from doing excellent work. We offer competitive compensation & benefits including health, dental & vision insurance and 401k. Benefits also include food and fitness reimbursement.
  • We believe at our core that the most important thing for anyone is to do challenging work that you're naturally drawn to with a team you dig in order to make a meaningful difference in the world.

To Apply

To throw your hat into the ring, please email developer@territoryfoods.com:

  • work you're proud of,
  • a super basic resume,
  • and a few words about why Territory sounds like an exciting place for you.  


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