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Full-stack Developer (JavaScript, React, Node.js + PHP)

🏒 HTM πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Kutchan-chō, Japan πŸ•‘ July 09

This job offer is expired

At HTM we manage three hotels in the Niseko resort in Japan. Our public face revolves around our Guest Booking Portals, our Agent Booking Portal and Owners' Portal. We have recently started the process of rebuilding these portals; this has produced several interesting challenges and we still have many new ideas that we need help building.

We are looking for a Full-stack Developer to become a permanent part of our team, to work with us and help us shape our public presence to represent our hotels, resort and business: modern, professional and fun.

If you have a passion for high-quality, sustainable JavaScript and React development and are keen to work on a fun, fast-moving, ongoing and challenging project, perhaps with an interest in Japan, skiing or a beautiful mountain location then read-on!

This role is available on a full-time employee basis for a Developer to be based here in Niseko.

What we offer:

Tech Stack

  • In-house development tech stack (majority of development work is in this stack)
    • JavaScript, React, Redux, Node.js, styled-components, etc.
    • Micro-service architecture, hosted on Google Cloud
  • Legacy system maintenance
    • PHP (Zend framework) and MySQL
  • Back-end system is 3rd party SaaS
    • We do our API development with C#

We practice DevOps culture so you will have a good chance to learn, but many practices are still taking shape so also a good chance to make an impact. You would be joining our development team of 4 people and would be taking part in all of our new and ongoing projects.

What are we looking for:

  • You've participated in at least a couple of development projects from start to finish
  • Experience with JavaScript, React and Node.js
  • Hopefully you also know your way around PHP
  • You care for the quality of your code; writing tests and documentation belong to your natural workflow
  • You know how to use Git and have been part of agile teams
  • Bonus:
    • C#, MySQL or SQL Server knowledge
    • Design capabilities
    • CI/CD (Kubernetes, CircleCI, Docker...)
    • Your own open source projects


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