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Javascript Software Engineer (at Ectosense)

🏢 Prezly 🇧🇪 Leuven, Belgium 🕑 July 18

This job offer is expired

Note: This is a job listing for Ectosense (not Prezly). You can find all information about the position and  Ectosense in this Job Description section. Please ignore information that you find in other sections, as this is information about Prezly.

The Job

1: You have experience with React-Native and ReactJS. You architect and implement our software assets, joining a team of data scientists with a sole expertise of crafting performant data processing pipelines. You'll be in charge of whatever you can: front-end, back-end, mobile development etc.

2: You will be key in the hiring process of additional developers and the oversight of outsourced development tasks that do not fall within the scope of your or the company's competences.

3: We strive to attract and retain individuals that are smarter than us and offer an above market rate salary package.

The Hiring Process (we can go fast):

1: Introduction Videocoference
2: Check of your references, code samples, and written report samples 
3: Videoconference with an experienced developer 
4: Half a day of meeting our team at our offices or videocoference with the company founders to discuss practical arrangements. We ask you to prepare your compensation proposal.

The Company

Ectosense is a well-funded Health-Tech startup on a mission to restore the sleep of the one billion people that suffer from a sleep disorder. We leverage the best techniques in micro-electronics, biomedical signal processing and data science to bring products that are vastly more elegant and effective. (http://www.ectosense.com)

What are we building?

Ectosense is launching its NightOwl® device, the world smallest, most convenient and accurate home sleep apnea test. Affecting one in three people, sleep disorders are extremely common. The most prevalent one, sleep apnea, leads to great body damage over time, yet more than 4 out of 5 sufferers remain undiagnosed, resulting in more than 200 million undiagnosed cases worldwide. Apart from the personal suffering, a condition such as sleep apnea is linked to many other chronic conditions, resulting in an estimated >$70 billion of increased annual expenses due to the underdiagnosis in the U.S. alone. Highly cumbersome, expensive, and time-consuming diagnostics systems are partly to blame. Patients, caregiver and insurance companies stand to benefit greatly from a solution that holds the capacity to tackle this underdiagnosis more strongly.

What will the future bring? 

We look for individuals who relentlessly strive for excellence while acknowledging and embracing the struggles and errors that will be encountered along the way of a startup journey. With just a talented handful of people at the current team, you will help decide where we head next.


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