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Senior Developer

🏢 phytest 🇺🇸 Sandy Springs, GA, US 🕑 July 19

This job offer is expired

  • Proficient with ES2015+
  • Proficient with the Node.js ecosystem
  • Proficient with Node.js HTTP libraries and functionality (Express, Koa, hapi, etc.)
  • Proficient at handling common data transfer formats (e.g., JSON, XML, CSV)
  • Advanced knowledge of DOM structure and manipulation
  • Advanced knowledge of JavaScript MVC systems (Vue.js/Vuex, React/Redux, Angular, etc.)
  • Advanced knowledge of Linux system administration (esp. Ubuntu Server 16.04+)
  • Advanced knowledge of API standards
  • Advanced knowledge of SQL systems (esp. OLTP vs. OLAP)
  • Familiarity with reverse proxies (esp. Nginx)
  • Familiarity with the Git version control system
  • Familiarity with webpack (esp. configuring development server options)
  • Familiarity with NoSQL and key-value systems (e.g., MongoDB, Redis)
  • Familiarity with JavaScript ORM/ODM libraries (e.g., Sequelize, Mongoose)
  • Familiarity with web socket libraries (esp. socket.io)
  • Familiarity with CSS frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Tachyons, etc.)
  • Familiarity with CSS preprocessors (Sass, LESS, etc.)
  • Familiarity with the Babel JavaScript compiler
  • Familiarity with Regular Expressions

Proven Ability with...

  • Debugging (server-side and client-side)
  • Systems integration (e.g., databases, APIs, SFTP)
  • Automation and/or workflow streamlining (using code, or something like Sublime Text, or even Excel, etc.)
  • Data processing (e.g., common file formats, different line endings, transmitting, exporting/importing)


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