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React in the Front, Serverless in the Back

🏢 OverIP 🌎 Remote 🕑 January 18

This job offer is expired

Mullets were once described as "business in the front, party in the back". But let's face it, mullets are dead, so we're going to bestow that label on full-stack engineering.

In a world where React enables fast single-page apps, and AWS provides low-maintenance serverless computing, infrastructure is gradually fading into the background. Which is fantastic, because it allows us to focus on higher pursuits, like shaking up the networking industry (our favourite pastime).


Software is eating the network. Technologies like SDN and infrastructure automation are changing the way people build and manage networks. The days of manual labour are numbered.

OverIP is on a mission to accelerate this change. And we are firmly in the trenches, turning marketing slides into production systems. We manage some of the largest networks in Australia, and we do it better, faster, and cheaper than anyone else.

As a full-stack engineer at OverIP, you will use the React framework and AWS services to create elegant products for network automation. Some of the features you will build include support automation, change orchestration, network analytics, and many more.


You are a full-stack engineer, well versed in both front-end and backend, with an emphasis on front-end. You have strong skills in:

  • The React ecosystem, including Flux, Redux, routing, etc, having developed several web apps in React Web (and ideally, one or more in React Native).
  • Web design, including HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Some Photoshop would also help.
  • UX/UI design, wireframing, and mockups.

On the backend, you have good-to-strong skills in:

  • Node.js, npm, and Javascript bundlers.
  • AWS services, particularly EC2, S3, Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, IAM, Amazon Cognito, DynamoDB, Cloudwatch, and Cloudformation.
  • Python and Ansible (nice to have).

And in general, you have:

  • A track record for Getting Things Done.
  • A growth mindset, continuously learning and pushing outside your comfort zone.
  • A tendency to write readable code, useful comments, and detailed documentation.
  • A sound knowledge of modern, collaborative code development.
  • A tendency to help the team and bring new ideas and perspectives to the table.

Please highlight your relevant experiences and any open source projects in your cover letter.


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