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Software Engineer, Digital Closings

🏒 snapdocs πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ San Francisco, CA, US πŸ•‘ July 25

This job offer is expired

  • Snapdocs is an early-stage, rapidly growing company backed by investors like Sequoia, SV Angel, and YCombinator looking for an experienced and empathetic Rails engineer.
  • We're a small team tackling the absolutely massive mortgage market. We're bringing modern, elegant software to a field that still relies on fax machines and manila envelopes. We bring security, efficiency and joy to a paper-based pillar of the US economy.
  • The type of problems we focus on involve workflow, product design, and data. Monolith vs microservice is an ongoing debate. We are working to find a good authentication pattern that allows for people to work across companies in multiple roles (which is trickier than you might think!). Domain Driven Design is our guiding light.
  • We trust our team members to make smart decisions. This means we value both independent work as well as seeking collaboration. We're becoming ubiquitous in one segment of the market and we're looking to hire another core engineer to help us expand further.
  • As a Software Engineer in our Digital Closings team you will play a central role in the design and development of high-volume, low-latency applications for mission-critical systems. You will work with product and engineering teams to release at a high velocity and contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle.
  • We’re looking for a senior engineer who ideally has experience working on a large scale consumer-facing product.  As a baseline, you are strong with Ruby on Rails, React, one or more relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc) and have experience working with APIs. You’re also a fan of testing and know how to write efficient and effective tests. If, on top of that, you have done any type of computer vision work, dealt with document intelligence, non-public information (NPI), or personally identifiable info (PII), that’s the icing on our cake.
  • Snapdocs’ culture is one that strongly values diversity and drive. We want to work with people of different backgrounds and different paths in life, and we trust our team members to make smart decisions. This means we value independent work as well as collaboration. We provide excellent benefits (including a 10 year exercise window on your options (!)) and our location in the heart of the Financial District in SF is super convenient.


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