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Senior Front End Developer

Orange Barrel Media
🏒 Orange Barrel Media πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Columbus, OH, US πŸ•‘ February 08

This job offer is expired

Senior Front End Developer Job Description

As a Senior Front End Software Developer at Orange Barrel Media, you will be on the ground floor of a team that is leading the growth of innovative state-of-the-art interactive kiosks. IKE Smart City (http://ikesmartcity.com) is an exciting communication platform being deployed in urban downtown areas nationwide. IKE connects cities with residents and visitors through a series of vivid, life-size touchscreen displays, providing an ever-expanding suite of applications that help people explore the very best a city has to offer. Your work will be used by tens of thousands of pedestrians every day, helping them to discover and navigate to all that a city has to offer, including food, shopping, events, and social services. It will also allow them to share feedback with cities and stay informed about important events.

Come join our growing team and help build the Midwest’s next great tech company.

Our Tech Stack

  • Kiosks: Ubuntu linux running a custom Electron browser
  • Back-end: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Front-end: React, ES6 Javascript, SCSS, Webpack
  • Mobile: On the roadmap for the future
  • Testing: Mocha, Spectron, Jest, Rspec, Capybara
  • Infrastructure: Amazon AWS Services (S3, EC2, RDS, SNS, ELB, CloudWatch, ELK), Ansible
  • Tooling: Github, Pivotal Tracker, Slack

What You'll Do

As an Orange Barrel senior front end developer, you will:

  • Design and develop web and mobile interfaces for the IKE Smart City platform, making it easy for residents and visitors to connect to cities’ resources
  • Define, design, and execute the middle layer between functionality and design that creates a great user experience and makes our applications successful
  • Serve as the primary technical voice to designers and the primary design voice to developers
  • Help to define and implement the IKE platform’s feature set to best meet the needs of multiple cities
  • Help to define and implement the IKE platform mobile experience
  • Play an instrumental role in scaling the IKE platform from it’s initial implementation to thousands of units in cities nationwide
  • Play an instrumental role in defining how Orange Barrel Media does software development
  • Help establish Orange Barrel Media as a best place to work for the most talented software developers

About You

You may be a developer who has a talent and passion for UX. Or you may be a designer who has learned to code to express yourself in the form of great web applications. We’re less concerned about how you got there and more with where you’ve arrived.

  • You have a demonstrated history, at least five years, designing and implementing web and mobile user interfaces that are functional, elegant, engaging, and fun and easy to use
  • You are passionate about user experience, focused on allowing people to seamlessly and intuitively engage with technology
  • You are able to adapt the user experience based on an innate understanding for strengths and weaknesses of different media
  • You ideally have strong design skills, but at the very least you are able to work closely with designers, guiding their work to create the assets that are the beginning of a great user experience
  • You ideally have strong coding skills, but at the very least you are able to work closely with developers, guiding their work to bring great user interfaces to life. CSS and HTML skills are a must, while JavaScript and JavaScript framework skills are desired.
  • You have a passion for building new things, processes, and culture
  • You thrive in a dynamic, customer-driven environment


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