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Experienced JavaScript Developer - join Copenhagen's fast growing Digital Tribe

Digital Warehouse, YouSee
🏢 Digital Warehouse, YouSee 🇩🇰 København, Denmark 🕑 February 09

This job offer is expired

Become part of YouSee - Denmark's largest entertainment universe - and join us in developing next level software solutions, based on JavaScript, React, HTML, and CSS.

We are looking for an experienced JavaScript developer who will be part of building and developing first-class code to yousee.dk and thereby improving the customer experience.

As frontend developer at YouSee, you will be part of a strong team of other developers, scrum masters, designers, UXs, and web editors who are all responsible for ensuring new solutions where customers are at the center of everything we do. In this regard, it’s a plus if you already work agile.

We offer a developer position where you get the chance to be part of a company in rapid development. Moreover, we work intensively to create a unique culture characterized by an informal tone combined with a lot of commitment and professionalism.

You have
• At least 4-5 years of experience as frontend developer. Your educational background is less important, but it's a big plus if you have a strong theoretical background. However, the essential thing is that you love to code and challenge yourself as well as your team

• Broad knowledge of technologies such as JavaScript, Semantic HTML and CSS

• Preferably experience in BEM, Gulp, Git, and accessibility

• Preferably experience in scrum or similar agile working methods

• Good collaborative skills and the ability to adapt to change

• The ability to dive into complex issues and a high professional pride

• Many great ideas and are constantly looking for new ways and trends

At YouSee, we think Digital First
At YouSee, we are on a digital journey. In 2017, we accelerated our digital journey, taking a radical innovative approach by building a new interdisciplinary, agile organization inspired by Spotify. It's called YouSee Digital Tribe and is placed in our new Digital Warehouse in Copenhagen.

Here, IT and business work side by side to create a unique workplace that sets new standards for the digital customer experience. The various agile teams work with planning sessions, retrospective, and design sprints, where team members are part of defining the tasks. Thus, as an employee, you have influence on what direction we should go.

We work in new premises, specially designed for the agile workflow. We have strong interdisciplinary competences and work in an international environment with 140+ ambitious and talented colleagues who celebrate freedom with responsibility.

We do interviews continuously as we need you now. Deadline for applications is the 11th of March 2018. We will come back to you as soon as possible after receiving your application. Applications can be written in English or Danish.

If you have any questions regarding the position, please feel free to call Martin Hilderscheid on +45 2340 4460.


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