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Fullstack Developer

🏢 Catapult 🇪🇸 Barcelona, Spain 🕑 August 10

This job offer is expired

Before you start reading, keep in mind that the aim of this job ad is to give you a feel for what its like to work at Catapult. Theres lots of research which suggests people often dont apply because of so-called requirements in a job description. If youre an experienced engineer, like the sound of working here and see something youre not an expert in yet, thats great, apply and you can learn it here!

What youre getting yourself in for

Our mission is to build the worlds best part time job. We spend our time thinking about how to give a global workforce complete control of their own work life while completely automating the hundreds of thousands of man hours which would normally be required to manage people on this scale.

We do this through React Native based iOS and Android applications, React based web applications, a mixture of Ruby/ Rails and Phoenix/ Elixir on the backend and Rest APIs to communicate with machine learning services from our data science team.

Businesses ranging from the largest high-street retailers to five star hotels and and independent coffee boutiques rely on Catapult as their casual workforce. If youve spent time in London, youve probably been served by a Catapult waiter or sales assistant without even realising it!

Our company values https://writing.joincatapult.com/our-values/ are really important to us and influence every facet of how we work together.

Things weve been working on recently

No two days are ever the same in a startup, but to give you a flavour of what weve been up to recently:

  • Building a stand-alone signup service to test different approaches to user on-boarding. We took this as an opportunity to test out Phoenix + GraphQL. We were so impressed with the productivity boost were also now incorporating GraphQL into our primary Rails application
  • Using Kubernetes to deploy standalone environments for our feature branches, complete with anonymised production data
  • Re-thinking how we test Javascript and what the line should be between unit tests and acceptance tests

About the role

Weve been growing rapidly over the last three years and as we start our international roll out, were looking for ambitious engineers to help us build the future of work. Our engineering principles https://writing.joincatapult.com/engineering-principles/ give a good feel for how we work together and what we value.

Youll be working from our newly established development hub in Barcelona. We work in small cross-functional pods of developers who focus on a particular product area and encourage people to rotate across teams.


As well as being a part of a well funded startup at one of the most exciting phases of its growth, youll get:

  • Competitive salary + stock options
  • A strong approach to professional development and mentorship, everyone has a dedicated L&D budget for books, training and the like
  • Several product retreats per year where the whole team goes somewhere warm, looks back on how we can improve and then spends a week or so hacking on new ideas and exploring new technologies
  • Regular social events & the opportunity to travel to our other offices
  • Company Macbook Pro which youre free to take home
  • A flexible work environment focussed on output not hours (including the option to work both remotely and from home for some of the time)


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