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Software Engineer - BizOps - All Levels

🏢 HubSpot 🇮🇪 Dublin, Ireland 🕑 February 09

This job offer is expired

HubSpot’s Business Enablement team is responsible for building the systems and applications that enable HubSpot to move fast, grow quickly, and be incredibly productive. We are looking for a Software Engineer to join and help us tackle a mission-critical project that will help drive HubSpot (and our customers) to the next level of success. We’re building a multi-product system that will be the single source of truth for all customer information and will support the rapid growth of new startups within HubSpot. In the course of the project, we’ll be faced with technical problems that simply haven’t been solved before.

If you’re up for the challenge, here’s what we’re working with:

  • Back End: We write lots of micro-services, primarily with Java 8. Our APIs are RESTful and use the minimal Dropwizard framework. We utilize Kafka and other tools to build asynchronous scalable systems dealing with multiple sources of truth for our data.

  • Front End: Our web applications are complex, single-page apps written in JavaScript (React, ECMAScript 6, SASS).

  • Empowering access to massive datasets with ZooKeeper, Redis, MySQL, and Memcached.

  • The Team: We value a healthy organisation above all. The impact of our work is obvious, highly visible, and immediate. We build a work environment where people are looking forward to Mondays as much as to Fridays. To put it simply: we get along with each other.

Here’s what you’ll bring to the table:

  • Strong tech skills - language agnostic. We aren’t overly concerned with tech stack - if you are interested in learning new things, we're interested in teaching you.
  • A desire to own something big, from start to finish.


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