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Fullstack Developer

🏢 Catapult 🌎 Remote 🕑 February 13

This job offer is expired

Catapult is changing the way people hire casual staff. We provide on-demand staff to the Retail, Hospitality and Office sectors. We can provide London based bar staff, waiters and office staff in under an hour. We give our candidates complete control over when they work, where they work, and how much they want to work.

We’re looking for a front end leaning, full stack developer to join our rapidly growing team. We use Rails on the backend and React on the frontend, we’re dabbling a bit in Elixir/Phoenix and have a nagging feeling that single page applications are overused. We’re a remote development team spanning the UK, Prague and Thailand that likes to get together every two or three months and then spread out again across the globe.
We usually work around GMT working hours so new hire should be able to overlap at least 5-6 hours with this timezone.

About You….

  • You’ve got solid commercial experience as a developer
  • You’ve got solid experience with React and some state management library
  • You either have some experience with Rails or are willing to learn
  • You like working out how to build things quickly, without reinventing the wheel
  • If pushed, you’ll also choose simplicity and code readability over cleverness or new and shiny
  • You’re pragmatic about TDD, it’s important but not the be all and end all
  • You don’t like technical debt. But you know when it’s OK to incur it, and when to pay it back.
  • You like clear specifications and designs but are also happy working directly with business stakeholders

Bonus points:

  • Experience with Elixir
  • You have worked with Websocket based APIs
  • Experience with React Native and if you could tell us what is the best way to test React / React Native
  • Bringing in modern CSS best practices
  • You enjoy deleting dead code as much as creating new
  • You’re a Redux guru

About the team....

  • We love CI, code review and short, concise class definitions
  • We love to hate Rubocop, we know it means well
  • We’re big believers in bits of hexagonal Rails (sorry DHH!)
  • We believe in open and honest feedback and supporting each other

What you’ll get

  • Choice of hardware, whatever your ideal setup is, we’ll arrange it
  • At least one conference fully paid each year
  • A strong approach to mentorship and professional development, if there's something new and relevant you want to learn, we'll go out of our way to make that possible
  • A flexible work environment with a focus on output not hours
  • We're a distributed development team but we aim to get everyone together at least 4 times a year, then there are lots of team lunches, beers and social events

  • Competitive salary based on experience
  • Share Options


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