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Fullstack React Engineer

🏒 TIANCAI πŸ‡­πŸ‡° Hong Kong πŸ•‘ September 24

This job offer is expired

TIANCAI is a distributed software development platform that matches Asia’s largest brands with the best Engineers, Designers and PMs around the world.

Much as Uber is able to provide a cheaper and higher quality Taxi experience by offering contractors flexible hours, we are using a similar contractor model and our in-house AI engine to provide Silicon Valley grade software at a price lower than most midgrade software outsourcing companies. As a company, we believe that universal access to quality software will power the next stage in human evolution, and every action we take as an org is dedicated to furthering our long-term goal of making quality custom software affordable to all of humanity.

To help reach realize our mission goals, we are currently looking for Fullstack engineers with extensive experience in React to help build out the website that will power the core of our platform. As the central interface that links our network contractors to our clients, our platform website will allow clients to monitor every stage of their project, facilitate the collaboration between network members, and provide AI driven insights to help revolutionize how software is built.

Our Fullstack HQ Engineers work on projects that power our mission to change how the world builds software.

As a Fullstack Engineer at TIANCAI you will:

Develop the core web app that our customers and network contractors use to interface with the TIANCAI platform

Build and experiment innovative tools that optimize every stage of the software development process

Work with our network contractors to identify pain points and maintain a platform that is used by developers from around the world.

Work directly with TIANCAI’s founders to realize the company’s vision

You may be fit for this role if you:

Enjoy and have extensive experience building production web apps in React        

Love to hack on side projects in your free time

Hold yourself and others to a high standard of excellence when working on production systems

Believe in our vision and want to make the technological advances of the future accessible to all


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