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Full Stack JavaScript Firebase/ReactNative Engineer

🏢 Civility 🇺🇸 Oakland, CA, US 🕑 February 17

This job offer is expired

(This can be a co-founder level position for the right person)

About Civility:

What: Civility is a new social platform that brings users face to face for deep, meaningful, and intellectually stimulating discussions on topics that matter. Civility is for people who care about topics like politics, science, philosophy, culture, technology, etc, and crave great and meaningful conversations.

Why: We’ve grown to rely on social media to have the conversations that matter, and this is the wrong medium for this. These existing social networks foster a lot of uncivil and superficial discussion. We can see how this has hurt our public discourse, our institutions, and has undermined our ability to relate to each other on a deeper level. Civility aims to change all this, and usher in a forum for face to face discussions in the modern age.

How: Users decide on the details of the specific conversation, we then use data-driven approaches to curate the right five-person group to participate. All discussions take place at cafes and coffee houses.

Who: We’re a small three-person team including two of the previous co-founders of Blueseed, the startup community at sea.

What we’re looking for in an engineer:

You’re a senior developer, expert in JS, and you have published mobile applications on React Native + Expo. You have experience with backend server integration, push notifications, login flows, data propagation, lifecycle, and related problems. In addition:

  • You love being a programmer, thinking about programming languages, and building things just for the sake of building them. You have learned about programming languages and you know an esoteric language or two just because you think it’s interesting, and you can tell other people why it’s interesting.

  • You take pride in your work and you care about the details including: proper testing, documentation, and structure – and you can demonstrate as much.

  • You know where to cut corners and where not to cut corners to get a project done on time and within spec.

  • You’re resourceful & scrappy – when presented with a seemingly insurmountable barrier, you find a way to climb it, dig under it, tunnel through it, or take a completely different path around to where you need to get to. And, you’ve figured out how to use the right sites, people, and techniques to find these solutions when others wouldn’t have figured it out.

  • You aren’t happy with the present state of the discourse on social media platforms like twitter, fb, reddit, etc. and you want to work on elevating the level of conversation we have with people we don’t know that well.

  • You relish the idea of being a founder at a company doing something that matters in a way that can scale.

  • You value the enlightenment, reason, and think that discussion can lead to truth.

  • This is possibly a co-founder level position for the right person.



  • React Native (2+ years)
  • Firebase (2+ years)
  • ES5/6/7 (2+ years)
  • JavaScript (5+ years)
  • NoSQL databases (document based, KV based) (1+ years)
  • Babel
  • Flow
  • Lint
  • JavaScript Style Guide (airbnb)
  • 1+ apps released on the App Store/Play Store
  • Node.js (2+ years)

Could also use:

  • Mobx
  • Redux
  • Java
  • ObjC/Swift/C/C++/ObjC++
  • Testing of React Native and Redux with Jest

Bonus points:

  • Clojure
  • Prolog
  • Lojban

What you’ll be doing:

You’ll be building the project in react native on the front-end and node.js or similar on the backend. We have a senior engineer assisting with the project, but you’re be expected to take on the majority of the workload and divide it up intelligently. We are currently working out of Sunnyvale in the bay area, and you’d be working in-person at the office at least 3x/week.


40K-75K 2% - 15% Equity

How to apply

Send us an email to get the conversation started to: jobs@civility.social


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