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Work at a well funded city startup, small team

FLG & Flow XO
🏢 FLG & Flow XO 🇬🇧 Manchester, United Kingdom 🕑 February 20

This job offer is expired

Hopefully you're a great developer (in or around Manchester), looking for the excitement of working at a startup, with the reassurance of knowing there's money in the bank.

Still reading? Great, let me continue..

My name is John Jackson, I'm the founder of Flow XO. I already run a CRM software business called FLG Business Technology here in the North West (I have for over 10 years). My background is software development, I understand the profession well.

About 3 years ago I set up Flow XO, and this has now developed into a chatbot platform with hundreds of paying customers, and some big plans for the future.

Importantly, and uniquely, FLG is paying the bills until things take off. So we don't have to worry about raising finance or running out of 'runway'!

Now, we have some plans:

  • Improve our main product, Flow XO. An Angular app that we're transitioning to React/Redux.
  • Work on both the front and back-end of the Flow XO platform, including technologies like MongoDB, Node.js & Redis.
  • Expand our Manchester office where our product team are based (we're hiring a head of product right now).

At the moment, we have a small team of developers, either based at the Manchester office or remote in the USA.

Is this you?

If you don't like change, it's probably not for you. But don't take that to mean we're disorganised. We're a serious startup, with a plan.

The leadership style (me, at the moment!) is firmly hands-off. I'll make sure you get well thought out instructions of what we need to build and why, and then let you get on with it.

I'll keep in the loop and offer assistance and ideas where I can (I can usually be quite helpful).

I'm a family man with 3 kids who believes that you can do great things in 40 hours a week. Of course, we need to push hard occasionally, but generally I'm for working hard from 9am-5pm and having a life outside of that.

I hate complication. We'll always be searching for the simplest way to organise ourselves, for simple ways to communicate effectively, for clear vision about what we're aiming for, for common sense technical implementation.

Our existing codebase is solid. We've worked hard to reduce technical debt, achieve excellent test coverage, and follow conventions where possible.

So you'll be joining a business where most of the working day is spent thinking about the future rather than catching up with the past. That's not to say our work is done, we have a long way to go!

You'll be joining our Manchester office early on, working on a small but growing team.

The salary is £45k, paid weekly.

I don't need you to dedicate your life to Flow XO, but I do need you to be excited about this and ready to get stuck in.

Ready? There's no application form. I just need you to hear about you, your background, and what you can do for us.

Think about what I've said above - what resonates with you?

I can't wait to hear from you!

John Jackson
Flow XO


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