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Frontend / Fullstack developer

🏢 Smartly.io 🇫🇮 Helsingfors, Finland 🕑 October 15

This job offer is expired

We're hiring experienced Frontend Developers to multiple Fullstack development teams.

We seek out versatile engineers who can ship highly scalable web applications in multiple technology stacks. You'll be responsible for developing a data-intensive web application that is in the very core of our customers' daily workflow.

You'll work in a highly autonomous self-organizing development team that owns its roadmap, and chooses its own technologies. You’ll develop the product at a fast pace and in close cooperation with the end users—the largest online marketers globally.

See what we have been building so far at smartly.io/developer and smartly.io/blog/how-engineers-work-at-smartlyio

Technologies we work with:

Each team makes decisions about their technologies while keeping in mind the operational and cross-team collaboration aspects. In practice, we work with a bunch of different tech, but each team only needs to know a subset of them.

We don’t expect anyone to know all of the technologies beforehand, but knowing some of them will help. Generally, we’re trying to get new team members to play with their strengths and choose their first team accordingly.

On the frontend, we started with an AngularJS codebase, but we’ve been working on converting the most important views to React and Redux. All of our new development is done using React. We’re using Flow for type-checking when we’ve been adding types to existing codebases, and TypeScript when starting fresh projects.

On the backend side, here’s a list of some of the technologies we work with. Again, an individual team most likely works with one or two of these stacks:

Node.js with TypeScript, Ruby on Rails, Kotlin (JVM) and Akka HTTP,  PHP and Python

What you'll need:

    • 4+ years of experience as a professional software developer.
    • Ability to write maintainable and testable code, while navigating both functional programming and object-oriented programming patterns.
    • An eye for user interfaces and design.
    • Experience working with techs within our stack or similar, and component-based frontend architectures with React+Redux.
    • Knowledge of how the web works and are familiar with REST API design, HTTP fundamentals, web frontends, and security practices.
    • Care for how software is developed in teams and are always looking to improve.
    • Drive to continuously learn new things by reading, building hobby projects or testing new technologies on the job. You should also enjoy teaching others around you.
    • A pragmatic mindset. We’re working on an existing system, and our customers’ business depends on it.

Bonus points, if you have any of the following:

    • Experience in building or maintaining component libraries or design systems
    • Experience in refactoring and transitioning large-scale javascript frontend applications between frameworks
    • Experience in working with data-intensive applications and complex workflows

Benefits of working with us:

    • Competitive salary + option plans.
    • Recharge yourself with full 5 weeks of paid annual leave.
    • Healthcare insurance/service.
    • Paid parental leave.
    • Wellness and personal development (books, conference tickets, etc.) reimbursement.
    • Work with the nicest and brightest teammates in a self-organizing team.
    • Opportunity to travel to meet customers, Facebook and Smartlies at our offices around the world via our Developer Rotation program.
    • Enjoy weekly breakfasts and quarterly dinners with the team.

What to expect from our recruitment process

We're growing fast and hiring for a variety of profiles. We’re looking for T-shaped people, who have a good command of the basics, and be specialized in anything from databases to domain expertise, UX, agile process understanding, and so on. Our development teams have different needs, and we believe the best way to find a perfect match is through a conversation with you.

1. First meeting: before diving deeper into your tech skills, we want to know who you are and what motivates you. This is also an opportunity for you to learn more about Smartly.io.

2. Technical interview: we’ll discuss areas relevant to you ranging from frontend development to networks, security, and development methods. We’re trying to get a clear overview of your skills and where you could learn more.

3. Coding exercise: we’ll be pair programming in Node environment to make sure that you can also code. Previous experience with Node.js or JavaScript is not necessarily required, as the session will be very interactive.

4. Meet your future team to learn what they are working with. After that, the final interview with our Chief Product Officer and your team lead.


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