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Front-end developer for web site with huge number of users

🏒 hitta.se πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Norrmalm, Sweden πŸ•‘ October 23

hitta.se is a well-known Swedish website with a huge number of visitors. It's a solid and profitable company with a lot of exciting upcoming projects. These need front-end developers. Currently, we're mostly looking for seasoned front-developers having some level of seniority.

We are using a variety of different front-end frameworks, but we're making a push to migrate to React.js and Node.js (and we've come quite far), so if you are skilled with those technologies or just a great JavaScript coder in general, we'd love it if you'd apply for this job!

The job is on-site in Sweden, in the beautiful old KTH building close to Odenplan. Remote work is not possible and we cannot assist with relocation.

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