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Senior Web Developer (React/Angular/Node)

Sytac IT Consulting
🏢 Sytac IT Consulting 🇳🇱 Amsterdam, Netherlands 🕑 November 05

This job offer is expired

As Frontend Developer with Sytac you'll be working on one of the following projects:

#1 - Build a check-in tool and the geographic visualization of available cars from scratch.
#2 - Build an Innovative Commodity & Financing Blockchain platform.
#3 - Build an internet marketing platforms.
#4 - Build an integrated airport platform for the management of passengers, luggage, and flights.

Sectors: Aviation | Banking | (Social)Media | Automotive

What you really do:
Depending on the client/project you’ll:

  • Deliver frontend experiences worthy of enterprise delight
  • Responsible for the FE stack and the realization of a solid frontend architecture 
  • Enable development process improvements through tools and automation
  • Safeguard enterprise product quality
  • Conduct Research & development

Skills & Requirements

Essential Skills:

  • Love to code FE logic (weapons of choice: ES6, HTML5, CSS3
  • Experience with frameworks/libraries: React(Native) Apollo, GraphQL, D3.js 
  • Node.js is in your armory

Desired skills:

  • Experience leading development efforts and aligning with BE engineers & UX designers
  • Evangelist of solid development practices: TDD, CI, CD, etc.
  • Know what it takes to pull the trigger and build a bullet-proof product.
  • Navy-seal personality: entrepreneurial spirit, affinity for detail, technical curiosity


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