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FullStack JavaScript Developer

🏒 Wi-5 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Greater London, United Kingdom πŸ•‘ November 09

This job offer is expired

As the Senior Full Stack JavaScript Engineer, you will help us build and maintain both the code bases of our product, as well as our client’s bespoke projects. You will have development experience in architecting large single page applications and helping maintain them in production, at scale. You will be passionate about developing B2C applications rather than websites and will have strong opinions on how web software should be built (branching strategies, deployment strategies, how to organise sprints, how to monitor, how to automate testing) and can mentor developers on these topics.

 Roles & Responsibilities

  • Architect, develop and maintain high-performance front-end applications written in VueJS and React
  • Architect, develop and maintain backend APIs and back-office dashboards in NodeJS
  • Work closely with DevOps engineers to deploy and monitor Javascript applications in production
  • Architect for the best performance, security and reliability
  • Work closely with DevOps and QA to implement CI/CD and automated testing for each deployment
  • Develop both front-end and back-end in reusable modules
  • Develop the company internal JavaScript modules that will be reused for most projects

 Skills & Experience

  • Strong commercial experience in NodeJS
  • Experience of front-end JavaScript technologies such as React, Vue, Webpack etc
  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience of designing SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Experience of serverless hosting services
  • Exposure to SSR
  • Exposure to configuration-as-code and infrastructure-as-code
  • Proven experience of operating backend APIs in production, at scale


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