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JavaScript Developer (small team, in-house products, growth business)

FLG & Flow XO
🏢 FLG & Flow XO 🇬🇧 Manchester, United Kingdom 🕑 March 17

This job offer is expired

Join a small JavaScript development team within a successful business about to embark on its next phase of growth.

  • Working on a varied 3 year roadmap for in-house products, including FLG (sales lead management) and Flow XO (chatbots and messaging).
  • Our team is focused on JavaScript across the full stack.
  • Be part of a small team where the part you play is noticed and rewarded.

Who We Are

We're a B2B (SaaS) technology business established just over 10 years ago. Since then, our growth has been steady and organic, and we've built a great business with several £million in annual revenue and very healthy profits.

A few years ago we launched Flow XO, a business messaging and chatbots product. Flow XO is already a leader in its market with users all over the world.

Our Plan For Growth

We're now working on a 3 year plan to accelerate our growth and bring the FLG and Flow XO products closer together.

The foundations are there - strong history, good revenues, excellent profits, amazing people in both the team and customers.

Our plans include a new focus on sales and marketing, and a revamped approach to product, which will see FLG and Flow XO become an expanded product family and see new products brought into the mix.

The Role

You'll be working on both the front-end (React/Redux and Angular) and also the back-end (Node, MongoDB & Redis). The work is challenging, as we're building complex products with interesting problems around UX, scaling, and architecture.

Although there's obviously some complexity in the codebase, we've worked hard to reduce technical debt, achieve excellent test coverage, and follow conventions where possible. So you'll be joining projects where most of the working day is spent thinking about the future rather than catching up with the past.

Our product roadmap means there is likely to be whole new products being actively worked on every 3-6 months, at least for the next few years.

Is This You?

  • You have a few years experience of building web apps
  • Preferably have commercial full-stack JavaScript development experience
  • Know common tools such as Git, unit testing frameworks, and PaaS such as Heroku
  • You're engaging, approachable and pragmatic
  • You are great at written communication
  • Always be considering 'what if', so you can write code and design logic that is robust and secure

If this is you, please come and join our team. Our customers need you.

The Rewards

This is a rare opportunity to transform something great into something incredible.

A chance to plot the businesses growth and point proudly to when you joined the business, just before the curve takes that sharp upwards turn.

As well as a rewarding challenge, we also offer:

  • A very competitive salary
  • Flexible working hours
  • Part-time remote working available

Our product team is based in Manchester City Centre. We don't care about your gender, race, sexuality, age, whether you have disabilities we need to accommodate, etc. - we're simply looking for someone that can deliver.

Next Steps

The first step is to send us your current CV and write us an intro.

The intro is important, you need to explain (succinctly) how you fit into the picture.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.


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