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Frontend Developer

Quiqup Ltd
🏢 Quiqup Ltd 🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom 🕑 March 21

This job offer is expired

Our Mission

The instant availability of goods has always been an unresolved issue at the core of commerce. Quiqup is solving that problem. We’re doing it via an infrastructure, used by individuals or organisations to pickup or deliver goods on-demand.

The Role

Plan on interviewing in a suit? This isn't the listing for you...

Quiqup is growing, and so is our development team. We've grown from a handful of developers huddled around a table cutting code until the early hours, to a team of 20 (in a company of 150) solving real world problems that you can't install with an npm package!

Our development processes have evolved internally to expand with the business, but at the heart we're still a very close knit team, constantly pushing boundaries and are excited to add talented entrepreneurial Frontend Developers, to help take us to that next level.

So whats a day at Quiqup like as a Frontend Developer?

Well, here's an average day:

  1. Sprint planning/daily standup, however we give flexibility to teams as to how they work, Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban or any other mixture, as long as we get work done!
  2. Review the team merge requests, a little developer QA before handing over to our QA team.
  3. Cut some code, write some code.... more code. We encourage working across the stack, whether its switching from ReactNative to React Web, to pitching in on the backend with their new Elixir services if that interests you.
  4. Chat around the water cooler, eat snacks, drink coffee.
  5. Deep dive to figure out why tests broke...
  6. Create merge requests on Gitlab with some fancy screen recordings to show off bringing those Sketch designs to life.
  7. Pair up with other developers, either in the office or Slack, we have a Development Lab in Amsterdam too!
  8. Kick off a side project. We Opensource at Quiqup, and we're finally at a stage where we'd like to give back to the community. We're looking to build up a Github portfolio not only to give back, but to show off some of our engineering talents.
  9. Code code code, test test tests.
  10. Participate in architecting new products from the ground up, write specification documents and work with Product Owners and Team Leads to kick start a project.
  11. Go to a meetup. We're a social bunch! We love attending meetups, we love being on the cutting edge and interface with like minded developers. We recently sponsored React London, and this year sent our developers to React Amsterdam.
  12. Home time, think of the future.

What we love

  • Clean, functional and well tested code
  • Collaboration with a backend team to understand technical requirements
  • Collaboration with a design team to take a concept from Sketch to screen
  • Question the norm, push the boundaries. Think Elm would work better, or Preact is more suitable? Show us!
  • We React, ReactNative, GraphQL, Jest, Detox, Babel, ES6, Prettier, Webpack, Rollup...
  • Lightning talks, hackathons and meetups
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, have an amazing idea? Share it! Want to run your own team as technical lead? Prove it!

Are we a startup?

Yes! We're a late stage startup, how can we prove it? Here's a list for you:

  • Do you work in a converted warehouse?
  • Do you have an office dog?
  • Do you have big comfy bean bags?
  • Do you have meeting rooms with fake grass and walls you can write on?
  • Do you have technical debt? (We do, but we're proud of it. It served a purpose and got us to where we needed to be, but we have roadmaps and it's time to help replace with new exciting greenfield projects)

Interview process

  1. You'll first chat with our Head of Recruitment who will give you a non technical screening, to make sure we're a good fit for you and vice versa.
  2. You'll receive a basic code test if your Github is a little light, or you're unable to share previous code examples.
  3. If all looks good, we'll bring you in for a face to face technical interview. Spoiler alert: we'll ask you what a Prototype is, or what Bind does to see if you understand Javascript fundamentals. We'll then talk through your code and why you implemented it that way, what benefits does it have? Why didn't you throw Redux in? We'll then talk through some technical scenarios, feel free to grab a pen and show us on the whiteboard.
  4. We introduce you to some of the team, and our CTO for a chat.
  5. Offer


If you're looking for a Web role:

  • Excellent understanding of Javascript
  • Working knowledge of popular libraries such as React
  • Understand how your code impacts accessibility and SEO
  • Understand those Webpagetest.org (or similar) metrics and how that has an impact on our end users
  • Web security and best practises (Why shouldn't you send the auth token in the URL?)
  • Understanding of Restful APIs and Websockets

If you're looking for a Mobile role:

  • Excellent understanding of Javascript
  • Working knowledge of popular libraries such as ReactNative
  • Understand how your code impacts accessibility
  • Understand how your code could negatively impact a user (Why can't you work on the UI thread?)
  • Understanding of Restful APIs and Websockets
  • Understanding of iOS and Android development ecosystems and not be afraid to role up your sleeves and write some Objective-c/Java to bridge those libraries.


What we offer

  • Competitive salary and perks including potential stock options, your choice of hardware, fresh fruit and snacks.
  • We’re international! We have people from all over the world who are super passionate about making things happen.
  • Be part of something big. We’re here to change things and want to make sure we develop our people along the way.


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