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Senior Frontend Developer

🏢 Convergence Labs 🌎 Remote 🕑 March 23

Convergence Labs is looking for its first employee (or contractor) to join the founding team. Only US-based candidates, please. No recruiters or outsourcing companies.

Our latest project is to build an MVP of a web-based multi-user collaborative operating system. Convergence will power the real-time editing functionality.

It is an extremely ambitious project which we will need help building. At any time, you could be:

  • Designing a plug-in architecture and API for apps within the system. This API will be used later on to actually build one-off applications, initially by you, and eventually third-party developers
  • Integrating an open-source UI component with Convergence to make it real-time and multi-user
  • Designing and implementing a signalling protocol for multi-peer WebRTC audio/video sessions
  • Cranking out React containers and components based on wireframes
  • Getting on a call with the product owner to discuss and shape product direction

Note that these are just examples of what the team will need to accomplish. If most of these get you excited, Id love to talk to you. You will be working directly with one of the company founders for the lifespan of the contract.


  • World-class technical colleagues
  • Difficult, unique technical problems
  • Small, ferociously productive team
  • Remote culture
  • Flexible hours

As a small company, our roles are quite fluid and flexible. We are a remote-first company, which requires a high level of trust and self-sufficiency across employees. As a meritocracy, exceptional contributions from any employee are rewarded exceptionally.

At this point, just about everything is negotiable. 1099/W2, rate/salary, working from home, hours, equity, whatever. We dont care when or how work gets done so long as you get it done, quickly and competently. We can potentially compensate at above-market rates, but high rates come with high expectations.

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