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Lead Product Engineer

🏢 MedApps 🇦🇺 Sydney, Australia 🕑 March 26

Since launching in 2015, MedApps has proven the opportunity for technology to be introduced into the health sector. Key to the successful delivery of our service are the mobile apps which ensure thousands of Australians benefit from a better hospital experience. MedApps aims to provide amazing interfaces for doctors and hospital staff to do their jobs better whilst providing valuable reporting back to hospitals to improve future care experiences. Our Flagship product Resident Guide is in use at 16 Hospitals in Australia by over 2,200 Doctors and growing.

As MedApps moves from validation to growth, were hiring a Lead Product Engineer to drive our transition to React and help develop our growing engineering team.

As MedApps Lead Product Engineer, you will:

  • Develop React Native mobile applications
  • Extend and develop our primary application dashboard (React SPA)
  • Work with our backend team to create API interfaces that are clean, secure, efficient
  • As the most senior developer on the team, provide architectural leadership in collaboration with the Founder, and identify areas of building technical debt so that additional resources may be deployed (a stitch in time saves nine!)


This position comes with the offer of equity

More About MedApps:

MedApps has made the paritypledge and is a parity.org supporter. We are Diversity friendly.

MedApps is strongly against over-work as a principle and strongly discourages starting work early, staying late or other forms of insidious overtime

Our key values are leadership, responsibility, transparency and openness. We operate a no-blame culture and strive to create a flexible, modern workplace.

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